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I loved the concept of this story. A new baby can be tough for a child.

There were some grammar issues. Remember to start a new paragraph whenever someone new is speaking. Maybe having someone edit your entries for grammar could help.

Again, this is a great idea, and deals with a very real issue for kids.
Nice story to read to children who will soon have a little sibling. It will help them understand that they are still loved and special, too.

I would suggest that you space between your speakers and paragraphs for easier reading. Also, proofreading will help take care of some punctuation problems.

Keep writing! :)
A story that needs to be shared. Many children go through this I'm sure.
Your story deals with an issue most children face and need to learn about!
Keep practicing your writing and play around with your typing until it reads easier to you! As a new writer myself, I have to do the same thing, and I'm learning that a good story can be made even better with good form! (Reading the stories in the other levels gave me examples of how to space my own articles.):)