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Great dialogue and some humor as well. Nice nice, but if I may say, I was hoping for something fun or unexpected to happen with the snake at the end. I enjoyed the writing though.
A funny story, I enjoyed reading it. Well done!
Taking the car to the service station is actually very funny. LOL. I didn't know that they would do this kind of service. I was imagining the manchanics faces if they didn't know ahead of time what they were expecting to find if it's still there.
Great title, and a fun story.

Watch your POV shifts, and the story fizzled a bit at the end. Since you weren't sure if the snake ever left, perhaps leaving the story with that question would be a good ending.

If my husband brought me a snake, there'd be some major re-evaluating of our marriage!
Something similar happened to someone I know. The snake crawled up in his engine. He took it to a mechanic to put the car on a lift and find the snake, but the mechanic REFUSED! He was afraid of snakes. Fun story. Thanks.
This is good. I was hoping for a little more at the end but all in all this was well done. It's very funny and this had me wondering if the wife would meet the snake face to face while driving to work one day.Yikes! Just the thought gives me the willies,grin. Keep up the good work..:0) God bless.Janice
Cute story, and I love your title! :)
Why do men always "think" they know what you want? I would have sold the car!