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Very interesting and powerful message. "How often does Jesus look directly at us?" Keep writing .
Wow, This story was great. I enjoyed the way it flowed.
Keep writing please, I look forward to reading more from you. Thanks
This was great! I love the way you blended Sci-Fi with scenes from the garden. Great work!
Christian science fiction. What a twist! Good job.
very interesting theme!
Wonderful take on the garden story. Awesome ending, well written!
Great idea and well told. Congrats on your win!
Nice story. I like how you portray Jesus to be greater than time itself. Even if we ever invented time machine, Jesus will know and He will see through time itself.
All glories be to God for your writing, and Lord Jesus is the Lord of past, present and future. He sees the future, and whoever it is that travels from the future to where He may be. :)
Very good! Good message and presentation. I enjoyed reading this, and look forward to reading more from you!