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Kudos! I believe this to be a challenging piece (which is what we're going for when writing or reading devo/inspirational pieces). This is an approachable & beneficial read for any believer, regardless of their spiritual maturity. The theme is easily understood and stirs me to be diligent in my availability to the Lord. Thanks.
I like the alternating POVs here, and the irony in the title. Really nice piece.

I think the real POW is in the sprint to the altar--consider ending the story there.

I'd like this to go out to anyone who feels that their ministry is "just" an anything!
Super job! Every part of the Body has an equally important job when viewed from the perspective of eternity. Well told and well written. :)
What an inspiring and powerful account! This is an awesome story demonstrating that no service done at the Lord's calling and for His glory is insignificant or without great potential effect. I am sure that when Ed stands before His Maker, he will hear the words "Well done, thou good and faithful servant!" Very, very well-written and a joy to read!! :)
Great job! Very inspirational.
Truly inspirational and a sign that God can and does use us no matter what our calling. Odd, as I was just thinking about that very thing today. Good writing!
Well-written w/a great message. It definitely did its job as an inspriational piece.

You sure you're a beginner? :-)
Love your title. So many people look at their job/ministry at the church as "I'm just an ..." You did a great job of showing why we're each integral to God's bigger plan. Good writing -- kept the story flowing well.
This is my kind of story. Most people look at ministries that are not in the limelight as "small". Actually, they are the very ministries that hold a light to other ministries giving them a glow. Good job.
CONGRATULATIONS, CATHY!!!! :D FIRST PLACE!! WOW!! I'm so happy for you, as this piece was EXCELLENT and deserved to win! Now, you're movin' on up!!
Congratulations on a well-deserved win. This was simply good writing, with a great message.
I really liked this. Congrats on your win.

What a wonderful story. Congratulations on getting first place! It's well deserved.
You did a wonderful job of showing how fruit is produced through faithfulness. COngratulations!
Reading this late.. you did deserve first place.. my husband ushered for years and loved his job for all the same reasons. I think you really caught the idea of service to God's people being important no matter what we are doing... VERY good reminder to all of us...
Well written, heartfelt and true. I love this piece.
I'm enjoying reading your work, Cathy. I can't wait to meet you!