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That is beautiful. As a mom, I know the power of God's gift of song.
Beautiful! When my twin grandchildren were born, the first thing I wanted them to hear from lips was about Jesus. So as they lay in their little incubators I sang "Jesus Loves Me." Whenever I have the opportunity to put them to bed, it is always with a song about Jesus. Keep writing for Him!
Yes, there's nothing can replace the croon of a mother to her restless child. God prepared her for that I think.
My kids don't "cherish" my singing ability anymore! It was wonderful when they did-thanks for the memories of those times. Blessings!
Nice! (Brings back memories for me, too.)
This is lovely. It really takes me back to singing to my little ones...and then to their little ones. Your essay shows how sustaining music is, even to very young children.
This flowed as a melody along with the love through each word. A very beautiful message written so beautifully.
Heartfelt and realistic is the best way to describe this! I loved the title that reflected throughout this entire piece. Awesome writing! ^_^
Lovely. I enjoyed this perspective on the topic of a mother singing to her children in many different situations. When the day comes that your children will be too big to sing to sleep, you can look forward to someday singing those same songs to your future grandchildren.
Just lovely. I could feel the passion and heart in your writing, and was moved by it. Delightful!
Your piece brought back such wonderful memories! I used to read and sing to my kids, too, but now they are grown up! I guess I'll have to wait for grandkids to come along! I'm glad you are cherishing this precious time, and I thank you for sharing with us! :)
Your passion for parenthood and music is so evident as this piece just flowed. Great work, keep writing!
Very good job. there is a nice flow to this piece. I feel the passion for music and the love for children in this piece.