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A strong devotional with a good message. Well done.
Loved the article and the fact that I wasn't sure where you were going until you got there.
Good advice. Study the neighborhood (Word) before you buy a house (or choose a church).
This is an insightful piece that I enjoyed reading.
You make some good points here. I liked the way you innocently roped us in. As I read, I said, "Amen...amen!" However, later, you convicted me in the way that, all too often, we shop for things we have no business shopping for. I can just see the early house churches. Do you suppose people shopped for them by finding out it they put on children's musicals or what kind of mission trips they went on? Keep writing. You've got talent.
I also like this. The title didn't clue us in but your skillful writing kept us interested until we were well into the message. Well written. Nice job!
Diana, this was very clever. I started off thinking it was going to be a pretty standard "shop-aholic" type piece, and then you brought in that zinger halfway through. Good work. As you continue to hone your skill, I see a lot of potential as a good inspirational writer.

The things that let your entry down were very small, but happened often enough to take the edge off your work. For example, this sentence:

"I’ve even caught myself buying things, just in case I may need it later."

You went from plural (things) to singular (it) while talking about the same item(s). It should have been "I've even caught myself buying things, just in case I may need them later." Or, "I've even caught myself buying something, just in case I may need it later." As I said, really little mistakes, but they detracted from what was a very good, strong piece.

I'm sure we'll see you go from strength to strength as you continue to rise to the Challenge.

With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator and Editor, FaithWriters' Magazine)