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Neat story - brings out something we don't often think about.
Nicely done, good message.
Powerful message here. Our frailties, our judgements, what we see as indifference in others, our hiding. You've churned up a lot - good job! No matter where we "fall" in this story it is only the TRUTH that will set any of us free and it is that same TRUTH that will allow us to show others that freedom as well. I've gotten preachy in my note but I wanted you to know that I got something out of your piece!
Beautiful story! The vivid descriptions brought this character to life for me--I could see and feel his anguish, as well as visualize the people in the church around him, especially the older couple "nesting" nearby.
Powerful message as well, and I was also grabbed by the title--anything with a personal name sparks my curiosity!