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Chillingly written for anyone who thinks they have wasted their gift of life. The One and Only compassion is our hope. Excellent writing. Thanks!
That scared me! How awful to feel like Sherry did, and to not have anyone to turn to for hope. I was a little confused at the end. Did she accept Christ? I repeat the previous comment: beautifully written!
This is painful to read, but also thought-provoking in many ways. Great writing.
Good, strong portrayal of emotions. You not only read them, you write them well! Good job.
This was very personal for me. I, too, had a mother who was dangerously overweight and I remember her pain and anguish and embarassment. You captured it very well with your words. Keep writing.
This story fascinated me. Beautiful if terrible imagery of a suffering person's inner world--I felt while readng as though I were living the nightmare, and also could identify with the main character's feelings.

The title also grabbed me--I'm curious about any title that contains a personal name!

Great job!