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I love the fig leaves metaphor and expecially the lines: "Beforehand, I wore the uncomfortable clothes of perfectionism, anorexia and loneliness. I bought them in the shop called ‘Self.’ It advertised a distorted belief."
You start out as a letter, but seem to change audiences and never come back to the recipient. Great potential.
Loved your title and the story that followed! My favorite part was where you described the change salvation brought: "Midnight was replaced by midday. A comforting fire was lit in the room of my heart. A world looks very different when the fog is blown away." Excellent description!

I, too, think you "lost" the letter to God somehow and changed your audience, but that did not stop me from being blessed by your touching piece! Thanks for sharing this! :)
Yes, your focus on the open letter to God was lost, but I'm not about to throw the baby out with the bathwater, just like others here who loved your piece! It is just a small technical problem, easily remedied, but your story was very meaningful and will speak to others. In fact, I plan to send it to my relative who continues to bravely battle her struggles with anorexia. Thanks for saying what needs to be said....and heard! Well done!
I was trully blessed by this, the technicalities pointed out by the other commentators, notwithstanding. For me the message is far much more important than the technicalities. I don't usually allow small errors steal my message. You placed in my heart. Thanks!