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A beautifully written and powerful narrative. Vivid description--I could see and feel with the frightened girl preparing to confess her family secret.

The narrative seemed incomplete and left me hanging. I would like to read about Natalie's actual interview with the pastor and to know the outcome. Hard to tell, however, whether this was done deliberately for suspense (?).
Good powerful start - but I so want to know what happens next. You have real aptitude - don't cut yourself off short!!
A lot of impact for a short story! excellent ending:) You really hit on the girl's emotions well. You might want to make a few changes to make this story even better. Break it up into paragraphs and space it for easier reading and visual impact. A line set aside by itself can be very powerful.
Also look again at your first sentence. You may want to break it up into two. This is good writing:)
What a shame that stories like this exist in the real world. I can only pray that the pastor will be compassionate and will believe her. Keep writing!