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Delightful! I loved the dialouge between the two boys and the way you did more "show" than "tell". Always a plus!
i loved it. the only question i have is how old are the boys? it would be much easier to visualise the story if the reader knew. also that little fact wuold keep the reader more engaged
Very nice! (& the plastic plants line made me smile.)
I loved this piece! Kept my interest from start to finish. Very engaging!

Good work with the boy's dialog. I was able to both feel and see what was taking place in the garden.

Maybe just a tad more physical description of the garden next time but otherwise, very well written!
Incredibly wonderful job with the dialogue here - SO authentic! And a wonderful lesson. Congrats on 6th in the EC!
Outstanding job Kimberly!!!
Congrats on first place here and your editors choice. Well done. God bless.
Congrats to you! This is exceptional!
Excellent. Wonderful dialogue.You kept me interested and amused with the boys' banter. Thought provoking last line. Congrats !
Congratulations Kimberly. I loved this story and, since I raised two boys of my own, I could readily relate!
I'm super proud of you. This is great stuff. EC #6 that's better than me on my best day. I'll have to work harder. I love you, Hom!
Congrats on your win! I loved the scenario--a mom with great plans to teach, and two boys that argue and end up driving the mom crazy, instead. Very realistic!

Good ending, bringing the truth to mind that our kids grow up so fast. I really liked your use of the phrase "teachable moments" throughout the story.

Good job, and keep it up!
This is very, very good. I am still smiling. As I read, I relived that time some twenty-five years ago,only it was two little girls.
Apologies for contacting you this way but we need your bio note please for the Faithwriters book "Hidden in the Hymns". Can you please contact me?