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This is Very creative!
Very unique storyline and technically done well.

Be sure you remember to leave blank lines between paragraphs and each time a new character has dialogue. This will make for a smoother read.

Otherwise, nicely done!
Cute but very true! I didn't suspect it was a computer program, or guess at the significance of the name until the end. Nice job!
I agree, very creative. What an imagination. One little thing (advice I was given, lol) A little separation between speakers quotes would make it a bit easier to read. No biggie. This is an amazingly creative take on the topic. Blessings:)
This was wildly creative. Very good way of taking us down the road of your imagination. I loved the ending when we discovered it was a program. Your message was clear. Good work!
Very creative take on the topic. I, too, loved the ending. Well done. yeggy
Clever and compelling - great imagery!
This is fantastic, I'm so glad you threw this brick! The creativity is just breathtaking. You took a good topic and made the story great!
This was so good, creative with wonderful visuals. I loved "You can't outsin God's forgiveness."
A gentle reminder of our not accepting God's love and forgiveness.