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This is a great beginning. I would love to know why she buried all that talent away for so long.
What a sweet story. I am glad that "Paula" chose to give her talent back to the Lord.
I agree with Lynda, this was very good and I wanted more.
This is so encouraging for those of us who have, for whatever reason, put our talent on the back burner. Like others, I'd like more of the story!
You did a good job, this was well written and enjoyable to read. Just a little note, most of the time when entries need to show a jump in time, the authors just hit enter an extra time between jumps, creating a little extra white space. The parenthesis you used were a bit distracting, because it looked like a side note, rather than part of your nice story. :)
Very well told! I agree with Debbie - the parentheses are a bit distracting. Maybe putting those sentences in italics would have set them off better, without being as distracting. I really enjoyed this!!
This is storytelling which is full of potential. You give clear thumbnail sketches of the minor characters in the congregation with phrases like: 'Brother Henry stopped clipping his fingernails' as well us creating a believable main character. yeggy
This is a good story. I'd like to know why Paula waited so long and put her talent on the back burner.

I also agree that the parenthesis are a distraction. Not needed.