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Neat comparison of gifts. Especially poignant from Jesus "Child you wounded me." Humbling. Thanks for sharing.
This was really captivating. It held my attention all the way through.
Gorgeous imagery! You gave me chills! That was great. I wonder if that was a real vision. That was so awesome.
Thanks for sharing that.
"A canvas of colours decorated the twilight sky as soft pink feathery clouds threatened to obstruct the setting sun as I sat on the cooling grass by the silent river. My arms were resting on my knees which were bent up towards my chin. I breathed in God’s beautiful creation as I look beyond to where the sun caressed the distant mountains." --- You certainly know how to start off with descriptive words that capture one's attention. I almost had to look around to make sure I was not actually there watching the sun set. Beautiful! And the message was clear and tied in great with the illustration. Thomas
You choose beautiful words and imagery and write well. However, sometimes less is more, particularly with your first sentence. I noticed that when I use the word "as" too many times in a sentence, it is an indicator that it's way too long. Cutting it in two makes it easier on the reader. Also, vary sentence lengths throughout for diversion and captivation. Great job, though. Keep writing! Blessings. Jo
Very powerful. You write with beauty and skill, Chrissy. It is a good thing that God re-invigorated your desire to write. You have a great future as a writer, I believe.
There are very picturesque words here. The pov is great. A very good beginning for you. I'm sure you didn't stay here long.