We’re halfway through the FaithWriters Writing Challenge‘s last quarter of 2013, about a third of the way through NaNoWriMo (and PiBoIdMo – which you probably know NOTHING about – but that I’m participating in!), and less than two months from the end of the year.  Oh – and the latest blogging contest ends in less than thre weeks. And sometimes around this time, our idea well starts to run dry.

With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the new year on the horizon, it’s easy to use up all our creative energy in other pursuits and not make time to think about writing (much less doing it!). But in the busyness of our lives, there are often LOTS of places for inspiration for future (or current) writing projects.

Where? Nature. Crowds (lots of “characters” that could make it in your next story). Music. Children. People you haven’t seen in forever. And more.

Even if you don’t think you’ll have time to write much at the end of the year, DON’T forget to look for inspiration for future projects – and jot them down.

Where Do You Get Writing Ideas? Do You Keep Them Somewhere?


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