When you sit down to write, how do you figure out what your topic will be? Where do your ideas come from?

Sometimes, I have so many different ideas it’s a matter of trying to narrow my focus until I find the one that interests me most – at least at that moment. Other times, it’s a struggle to come up with even one good idea (or even a bad one!)

Whether you’re putting something together for the FaithWriters Writing Challenge, the Testimony contest, a magazine article, a novel, or your own blog, there are hundreds of places to look for ideas.

One thing I enjoy looking at for unique ideas for blog posts in particular (but this could work for most anything) are “anniversaries.” What happened on this date in history? Whose birthday is it? What strange day is it today? For instance, according to BrownieLocks, a fun site with monthly, weekly, and daily celebrations, today is Stewarts Root Beer Day.  Sites like historychannel.com and historyorb.com can give you important events that happened on a day in history (today is the anniversary of the Statue of Liberty arriving in New York, the Watergate burglary arrests, and the OJ Simpson slow-speed chase).  Or check who has a birthday on a particular day at this site.

Looking at pictures – whether in magazines, scrapbooks, or online – is another common writing idea trigger. Reading can do the trick as well.

Next time you aren’t quite sure what to write about, try some of these ideas – or if you have a great place to get inspiration, share it in the comments. We can all use it every once in a while! (Some more often than others LOL)

Where do you get your ideas?

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