Only one more day until the FaithWriters Writing Challenge starts up again, and there are some new, exciting changes you might want to know about.

First of all, until now, entering was only available to paying members of Faithwriters (Gold and Platinum). Starting in 2013, ANYONE can enter up to four times. Silver members now have a total of four “credits” – allowing them to enter the writing challenge any four weeks they wish for free. It’s a chance to give the Writing Challenge a try – either enter four weeks in a row, or just on the first four topics that interest you.

After you’ve entered those four times, you’ll have to become a gold or platinum member to enter again – but unless I’m wrong, those four “tries” will convince you of what a huge benefit the Writing Challenge is, and the great value membership is. Personally, I can thank the writing challenge for improving my own writing skills.

And the other change involves the cash prize. Instead of the first place EC winner receiving $20 each week (which is, more often than not, someone in the Masters level), there will be four $50 prizes, given out at the end of each quarter, for the best entry of the quarter in each level.  The first place entries in each level for the quarter will have their scores compared, and the highest of those ten weeks will get the prize – one in beginners, one in intermediate, one in advanced, and one in masters.

So get ready to jump into the Writing Challenge – the benefits are even greater!

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