Have you been pondering entering the current FaithWriters blogging contest but aren’t sure if it’s really a good idea? Well, it is 🙂

First of all, the newest contest (deadline is Friday at 10am New York time) promotes a ministry you all know and love – FAITHWRITERS ITSELF!

Secondly, there are $315 worth of prizes available to the winners of the contest.

And thirdly, even if you don’t win, just entering qualifies you for a part of the new annual prize associated with these contests.

Still not convinced? Check out this interview between FW owner Mike Edwards and Kimberly Miller, the first place winner of our first blogging contest with writing opportunities for Pocket Testament League.

Mike Edwards: Since your article was the first place winner in the Pocket Testament League contest, briefly tell us your experience and thoughts on our blog contest for writing opportunities.

Kimberly Miller: The blog contest is an amazing opportunity for any writer. It offers a rare and prized gift for any who desire to mature in their writing or showcase their work, as well as partner with ministries that are kingdom-minded in nature.

MIKE: Do you think having a topic, word count and deadline benefit your growth as a writer?

KIMBERLY: I agree that a topic, word count and deadline do benefit my growth as a writer. It is exciting to see a writing unfold into a beautiful tapestry, after first having sat perplexed starring at a blank page. I have a tendency to both write long writings and speak long sermons. Word counts are veritably helpful.

MIKE: Does the fact that they will be promoting ministries that promote Jesus motivate you?

KIMBERLY: If the ministry was not promoting Jesus I would not write to promote it. Even social justice is fail some when it lacks Him as the center. I want to reveal Jesus, not make money or be acknowledged as a writer.

MIKE: What would you think about writing a gripping article about those dying for water or those being enslaved in the sex trade if it promoted a ministry (with contextual links) that is focused on addressing this problem?

KIMBERLY: I would certainly write an article about these issues, as they are dearly close both to the heart of Jesus and my own. I believe we as a church lie ignorant and blind to the injustices that are even in our back yards. I however would prefer to promote believing ministries who were focused on these areas of social justice. As I’ve said, justice without Jesus brings temporary relief (though duly needed), but not eternal life-we need to be about bringing both.

MIKE: Should only those who are technically advanced attempt to enter? I mean, aren’t “blogs” and “contextual links” hard to understand?

KIMBERLY: I think any writer with a diligent drive and desire can enter. I knew nothing of blogs when I entered, but managed to set a few up and win one of the contests. I almost didn’t because I didn’t know how to add contextual links. I chose however to get over the hurdle of my inability and figure it out. It’s actually quite easy and I’m glad I entered.

MIKE: How did it feel to earn something for your writing?

KIMBERLY: It was certainly a surprise and definitely a blessing. It adds confidence and fuels one with a drive to continue to write. Personally I have no other means to help support my family due to current health issues, and it feels like a kiss of kindness from Jesus. He can take perhaps the only oil we have (and something we love) and use it not only for His glory, but also for a little extra help financially along the way.

MIKE: Would you encourage others to enter and why?

KIMBERLY: I adamantly encourage others to enter the contests. Finding writing opportunities can be very difficult and taxing; the opportunity offered by FaithWriters is nothing short than a gift from God for those who are called to or simply enjoy writing. It is the entryway that can open so many doors of maturity and confidence in ones writing, and also ignite the pursuit to continue seeking out writing careers for those who desire to do so. Above all the contest is promoting ministries that love Jesus; this should be an enticing incentive to enter.

Click here for more information and/or to enter.

So, what are you waiting for?

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