One of the most popular parts of FaithWriters is the Writing Challenge, and one of the most eagerly awaited days in the FaithWriters’ year is July 1, when the winner of the Writing Challenge Best of the Best is announced.

The first place entry from each of the 36 Writing Challenge topics between July 2011 and June 2012 are all in contention. Only one, however, will be selected as THE Best of the Best, and awarded $300. Second place will receive $100, and third place $75.

The topic four entries for this last quarter are currently being judged – which means there are seven more opportunities to qualify for Best of the Best. So enter for this week’s topic, Weary – or some time before the tenth topic closes on June 14! You must be a gold or platinum member to enter the Writing Challenge. Click here to upgrade your membership.

As of today, we have 29 entries, from 22 writers, in contention (click here to see a complete-as-of-today list). For the next eight Mondays, I’ll be sharing a handful of contenders. Every one of them is excellent (first place, after all). I hope you’ll check them out over the next couple months and see which one YOU think is the best of the best! And on the NINTH Monday, the winners will be announced here on the blog (and at the FaithWriters site the day before, on July 1)

Here are the first four contenders: I’m starting alphabetically, by the author’s last name.

Just a Little Farther Still by Amanda Brogan (topic was ACHIEVEMENT)

Holy Hair Dressers by Nancy Bucca (topic was APPOINTMENT)

The Reason This Car Has No Rearview Mirrors by Nancy Bucca (topic was DON’T LOOK BACK)

Upload Complete by Allison Egley (topic was DOWNLOAD/UPLOAD)

What do you think of these entries? Are you tempted/encouraged to give the Writing Challenge a try?

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