I’m sure most of us have more than one copy of the Bible in our home – many of us in more than one translation. It’s a common thing these days.

But in the scale of things, it wasn’t so long ago that this would have been impossible. That changed, at least partly, because of a man who died 443 years ago today. In 1535, Bible Translator Myles Coverdale produced the first complete printed Bible into English. The Coverdale Bible made use of other translations of portions of the His Word, including that of Tyndale. It was, however, the first English translation of the entire Bible.

As you likely know, people didn’t have copies of His Word in their homes at that time. Many had never seen His Word (can  you even imagine?). Henry VIII had a Coverdale Bible put into every English Church, chained to a bookstand, so that every citizen would have access to a Bible. Of course, there are still countries, and people, on earth who are not allowed to have God’s Word – and/or where having even one translation is not yet a reality. But we English speakers have Coverdale to thank.

Myles Coverdale died on January 20, 1569, at the age of 80. But his legacy lived on. Whenever you pull out your Bible to add a verse to the devotional you’re writing, for inspiration for your writing, or just to study and/or read, thank the Lord – and Myles Coverdale.

How much of a role does the Bible play in your writing? What if it had never been translated into English?

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