Not meaning to beat a dead horse, but the FaithWriters’ Conference is only 14 days away! Once again, here are the basic details – it’s not too late to sign up!

Nurturing the Whole Writer

August 12 and 13, 2011—Holiday Inn, Livonia, M

Registration: $82 for FW Platinum Members

$92 for all others

Click here to register or for more information

So, maybe you’re signed up for the sessions you want, and you’re excited to learn and have fun. But you have one nagging question: who ARE these superwomen (and superman) who are teaching you everything from poetry to platform to plotting?What will I talk about with them? What makes them tick?

If you want their bios, just click here, but if you want to go more in-depth, check THESE out. (In alphabetical order)

JAN ACKERSON Teaching two sessions: 1)Don’t Look At Me With That Tone Of Voice – I’m Telling You, Conflict is Good and 2)Grab a Scalpel, Forceps, and Tweezers…STAT! Let’s Dissect Some Poetry

Jan’s FaithWriters Profile.     Her Blog: 100 words.     Her Business: Superior Editing.   Superior Editing Facebook Page.    Her Facebook Page

YVONNE BLAKE Teaching Write Me A Story, Please: Tips And Tools For Writing Children’s Literature

Yvonne’s FaithWriters Profile .   Her Blog: My Back Door.   Her Kids’ Blog Polliwog Pages .    Her Website . Her Facebook Page

TIMMY BOYLE Opening with comedy, and teaching a session: When, How, Who, Where, Why … and Many Other Questions – 5 Keys to Sanity, Perseverance and Keeping your Lunch Down in the Crazy World of Writing.

Timmy’s FaithWriters Profile.     His Blog: Inside Timmy’s Mind .    His Website: Upstanding ComedyHis Facebook Page

LINDA GLAZ Looking for pitches and teaching a session: Pride and Prejudice – Both Attitudes will Lead to a Writer’s Fall

Linda’s Blog.     Hartline Literary Website.    Her Facebook Page

HANNE MOON Teaching SPLAT! – What to do when Your Dreams and Aspirations Hit the Brick Wall of God’s Will

Hanne’s FaithWriters Profile .    Her Blog: Treasure in Clay Jars.      Her Business Website .   Her Facebook Page

DEBORAH PORTER Teaching three sessions: 1)Writing Inspirational/Devotional Articles that Hit Home – How to Avoid the Number 1 Mistake … and a few other boo-boos as well, 2)The Wonderful World of the Writing Challenge – Get the Lowdown on How to Grow into a Challenge Champion … or just generally become a better writer and 3)The Wide Road to Book Publishing – Why Easy is Not Always Best … as well as some encouragement and inspiration to spur you on as you write for His glory.

Deb’s FaithWriters Profile .   Her Business Website .   Her Ministry Website.   Her Facebook Page

LYNDA SCHAB Teaching The Jobs within the Job – Think Writing is Just about Writing? Think Again

Lynda’s FaithWriters Profile Her WebsiteHer Blog: On The Write TrackHer Facebook Author Page

CORI SMELKER Teaching two sessions: 1)Please, May I Enter Your World? How to Draw the Very Best Out of Every Interview and 2) You Need me to do WHAT, by WHEN???

Cori’s FaithWriters Profile .   Her Surrogacy Business Website .       Her Facebook Page

AMY MICHELLE WILEY Teaching Worlds of Words – How to Breathe Life into Your Writing

Amy’s FaithWriters Profile.   Her Blog: Sparrow’s FlightHer Website .   Her Facebook Page

PATTY WYSONG Teaching two sessions: 1)Clearing the Blog Fog — Everything You Wanted to Know About Blogging, but were Afraid to Ask and 2)Let it Shine! It’s Time to Stop Hiding Your Writing under a Bushel

Patty’s FaithWriters ProfileHer blog: Ordinary Lives . Her blogging business site . Her Facebook Page

And there they are! Hope you take a bit of time to “get  to know” these folks before the conference. They’re all wonderful!

QUESTION: Who are you most looking forward to seeing at the conference? If you can’t make it, who would you most like to meet?

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