Today, for the Wednesday Word of the Week, instead of a devotional, I came across this poem and thought it was lovely and fitting for this time of year. Let’s celebrate autumn and, more importantly, the God who created this beautiful season.


October winds are blowing, leaves swirling
In our midst. Cooler nights are coming and winter will march in.

I can see the wood stoves burning by the glare on window panes. The
Air is hushed and silent as we all sleep in our beds. Morn will be
Upon us as sunlight filters in.

Another day to serve him and marvel at his sights, the mountains
And the valleys, each one I’ve walked about.

I think of God, his wonders the earth he made anew, each season
With its changes brings hope to just a few.

“Jesus Christ never changes he is the same yesterday,
Today and forever.”
Hebrews 13:8

As the seasons change, man changes, but Oh… God never will.
Autumn will leave as soon as it came, the days will be shorter still.

–Lori Godfrey


Lori is a Christian freelance writer reaching out to those who want answers to life’s problems through creative writing. She also writes for a bi- monthly Christian magazine. As well as being published in her home town newspaper, she is a wife and homemaker who lives with her family in the Midwest.  Visit Lori on her two websites: and

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