Today is April 15, and you know what that means: TAX DAY. Hopefully, your tax forms have been signed, sealed, and delivered!

So, in honor of this special  (or, well, not-so-special) day, let’s list a few things we writers can write off on our taxes. There really are many, which is why, if you work as a freelance writer, it’s a good idea to claim absolutely everything possible to go against your income. Anything to bring down that bottom line!

So here are three things to add to the list of writer write-offs. Feel free to name others you can think of. It may be too late to implement them this year, but keep these in mind when preparing your taxes in 2011.

1. Mileage. Do you make a run to the post office to mail manuscripts? Drive to the bookstore to buy writing books? Even going to Starbucks to meet that group of writers counts. Be sure to keep a notebook in the car so you can jot down your mileage every time you get behind the wheel and make your way somewhere that has anything to do with writing. Each state has different allowances for mileage, so be sure to check with your accountant.

2. Memberships. Are you a FaithWriters Gold or Platinum member? Do you pay fees or dues to other writing membership sites? Do you subscribe to or another similar program? Yes, these are totally write-off-able. It really does pay to upgrade your FaithWriters membership!

3. Conferences. Have you attended any writing conferences over the past year? You are able to claim all conference costs and expenses incurred while attending the conference. Don’t forget to keep track of the miles you drove to get there!

So now it’s your turn. What other expenses can you think of that writers can deduct on their taxes?

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