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TITLE: Legend of the Yoshisaurus (ep. 12)
By Jacob Gibson

A litle warning to the reader: this episode is probably the last one I'll post, I'm sorry to tell you. I wrote 12 out of the 20 or so I had planned and that's where I got my common sense back and stopped. (One thing I've learned about myself is that I can sometimes have great ambition over pointless activities). This one is somewhat long and has a lot of conversation like before, but it's important and I try to keep it interesting. Thank you a million for reading!!
Episode 12: A Prescription of Truth

Yoseph stared at the wall to the right of his comfortable bed, wide awake. Morning had not yet come and the sun had just begun to rise, but that didn’t matter to him. He barely slept a wink that night and more than anticipated today. Everything that this man E. Gadd told him made him think like he had never thought before. He also thought of the joke about the treats that Libby told him about and snickered under his sheets. What will that crazy guy talk about today? I have so many things to ask him. I hope he and Libby have time. I hope I can talk to the other humans too. I hope they can help Yoshi. I hope they can stay with us for awhile! Is it morning yet? Gah, this is killing me. I can’t sleep. If my thoughts don’t keep me awake then my brothers and sister’s snoring will! How I am going to get out of here?

He continued to think like this for a few minutes and considered a way he could go outside without waking up his family by opening the squeaky door. If they had one of those warp pipes in the hut, it would be so easy to jump down and travel outside without making a sound (except for the loud “Wahp! Wahp! Wahp!”). Ah! Now he had it! He could say that he needed to use the bathroom outside. And maybe the doors wouldn’t squeak if he opened them slow enough.

Yoseph decided to try it, so he pulled off his sheet, hopped out of bed, and slipped on his red boots. Then he walked past the other beds besides his own and came to the front of the room. With a gentle push the white and black polka-dot door opened and the chocolate browndino stepped outside in the cool silent dawn. He looked back at his family's hut that they were still rebuilding and then tip-toed away.

Alright! I’m out! Now what? I can’t awake Libby or E. Gadd and I don’t even feel like using the bathroom. Perhaps I’ll just walk around and keep thinking about the questions I’ll ask the professor when I’m able. And maybe eat a few apples on the way. I’m almost tempted to wake everyone by throwing eggs at their dwellings! Ha! ‘Knock that off or I'll kill ya, Yoseph!’ That would be pretty bad.

He decided to see Yoshi again, just for something to do, so he turned left and made his way there. He walked past more silent Yoshi huts and admired the jungle scenery. It felt good to walk outside in solitude occasionally. Especially in the morning when the temperature was just right. And there’s no one else to eat your fruit!

A few minutes later, Yoseph approached the forest near Plummeting Pit, and he knew he was on the right track when he spotted a giant dinosaur on the ground and several tents around it. He couldn’t see any humans around his friend so they must have still been asleep, but he noticed something very odd. Yoshi changed colors every day and Yoseph thought that he might not today for some reason, but he had! Yoshi was now covered with random colors that looked like splattered paint! Did this have something to do with his condition? Hopefully not. When the surprised dino came closer to the area, he became startled to see so many yoshi guards around the area. They were all awake and each wieleded a large spear in hand and a full load of eggs around their feet. Three stood at each tent and and ten stood around Yoshi. They were serious about their security!

Yoseph changed his mind about seeing his buddy and turned around to find a place that was somewhat less imposing. But before he could get far, he heard something walking up behind him. He grew scared for some reason and started to run away but stopped when a soft voice called his name.

“Yoseph, you don’t have to run away. You can stay if you want to.”

“Huh? What?” He looked over his shoulder and saw who it was. Lily, Yoshi’s fraternal sister with the greenish-blue skin (my favorite color!). Yoseph blushed slightly. “Oh, heh. Hi Lily. I wasn’t running away, just going for a morning jog.” Wow, she’s the second girl to chase after me this week! What is the deal?

“Oh really?” she replied quietly. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you there if I did. If you want to, Yoseph, you can look at Yoshi or whatever. The guards don’t mind, they just don’t want anyone to get too close or anything.”

“Thanks but I have to... uh... well, I guess I could stay for a second.”

“Great. It would be nice to have someone to talk to.”

They returned to the area and sat down together against a large berry tree where they could see Yoshi a couple yard away. Yoseph scooted over one inch so he wouldn’t sit too close to her. Neither of them said anything for awhile and it felt a little akward. Then finally Lily said something.

“Forgive me for being silent but it’s just... I’ve been thinking a lot about something.”

Yoseph looked straight ahead. “Oh! Well... uh... that’s okay. I was just thinking too.”

Lily turned her face towards him. “Would you mind if I told you what I was thinking about?”

“No, I think I have some time.”

“Good. Okay, do you promise not to tell anyone what I’m going to say?”

He opened his eyes wide open. “It’s not about me, is it? But I’ll listen anyway.”

Lily folded her arms and looked ahead again. “No, Yoseph, it’s not. You shouldn’t worry about that. You’re a nice guy. Anyway... please promise not to tell anyone what I’m telling you. I probably shouldn’t be telling you this in the first place but... I just have to. My parents asked us not to tell this to anyone else but... I’m beginning to worry that if we don’t tell the truth to the humans then Yoshi may die.”

“Woah. Maybe you should talk to your parents about it then,” he suggested.

She sighed. “I already tried that. They don’t want me to tell anyone. They’re concerned that the humans might get scared away. But I just think they’re wrong and simply afraid of what people will think of them.”

“You mean how Yoshi tried to eat us all recently?”

Lily looked behind them and then made sure that the guards weren’t looking at them. “Yes, that’s part of it. But there’s much more to it than that. Oh... the truth just burns inside of me and I can’t keep it to myself any longer! How are we expected to keep secrets like this? It’s terrible. Do you know what it’s like?”

“Yeah, I do but probably not like your case. I wish I knew what you should do but I... don’t.”

“Uh-huh. I want to obey my parents and keep silent, but is it worse to disobey or risk the death of your brother? One results in embarrassment, possible disrespect, or frightening the humans away. The other is possibly the end of someone you love.” She pulled grass out of the ground and threw it around. “I feel like I’m going to burst soon. I don’t have any idea. It seems hopeless.”

“Well, maybe you should talk to Jikondo. He seems to be very good with handling these type of situations. Or maybe even my new friend, E. Gadd, would be able to—“

“Yoseph, are you listening to me? I don’t feel like you are.”

“What?! I... sorry. I have been listening to you. Why do you think I’m not?”

“It just doesn’t seem like you are.” She put her hand on the back of her head and played with her scales. “I’m not trying to insult you, but it’s like... you’re insulting me. So far you’re just talking about fixing the problem and nothing else.”

“But... I thought that’s why we were talking.” Yoseph looked confused now.

“Yeah, but what about how I feel about it? Isn’t that important too?”

“I guess so, but your brother’s life is at stake. You wouldn’t want to let your feelings cause that to happen, would you?”

“Of course not. But what do you mean ‘I guess so’? My feelings aren’t important? How can you think that? That’s kind of rude.”

“Lily, I’m sorry. I just... think that you should stop thinking about your feelings for a second so you can concentrate better. That helps me when I try to do it.”

“I wish I could do that but I can’t. Why can’t you understand me?”

“Because it doesn’t make sense!” Now Yoseph felt a little irritated and could tell that his friend may have too. “You accuse me of not listening, claim that I’m insulting you, and don’t seem to care about my advice!”

“Your advice is good but it’s not what I needed to hear. I feel terrible right now.”

“I’m really sorry about that. I feel terrible too but feelings aren’t the issue. I... you... ugh. I give up.”

They both looked away for a second and didn’t say anything. Yoseph looked at his boots and Lily looked at flowers and occasionally glanced at her brother. A few uncomfortable moments later, Lily opened her mouth to speak but immediately lost Yoseph’s attention when a sound came from the tent area. Someone was getting up! Yoseph jumped to his feet to see who it was. It looked like E. Gadd’s tent but he couldn’t remember which one it was.

The three Yoshi guards in front of the tent quickly turned around and stepped back so they could keep an eye on the this person. The tent flap opened and...

“Ah! What a great sleep! Hello there, guards. Thanks for your work last night. Oh you can’t understand me right now, my apologies. Hey, am I the first one up? How about that. It’s just like they say, ‘Early to bed and early to rise will make you healthy, wealthy, and wise.’ I suppose one or two out of three isn’t bad! Hoo hoo!”

“It’s E. Gadd!” said Yoseph happily. “Alright! Now I can talk to him again! See ya, Lily, I have to go. Sorry about getting mad before.”

“Egad who? You talked to him yesterday and you’re going to again? How?”

“E. Gadd is a very smart and funny professor who tells great stories. Libby is going to interpret for me so we can understand each other. Gotta run!”

“Wait! May I... uh... talk to him too?”

Yoseph hesistated. “Uh... I... don’t know if he would be expecting you because it was kind of just me and him talking but...” he looked at her face and noticed that she looked a little sad. “But... I’m sure he would love to have more listeners.”

So that was that. Yoseph greeted E. Gadd and the old man smiled at him. The old man stretched and then walked over to Yoshi to keep studying him. Yoseph kept a close eye on him and made sure not to lose him. The dino got a great idea and ran to a nearby tree where he plucked off a nice juicy apple and brought it to the proffessor, who looked very thankful for it. Yoseph patiently watched him eat and then walk around Yoshi and look at a piece of paper. Eventually all of the humans woke up one by one and also ate breakfast together by their tents before walking over to Yoshi. Finally, he spotted Libby walking down the trail to the area and as soon as she got there, Yoseph let her have it.

“Libby! Good morning! You look great this morning! Did you sleep well?! Are you excited about today?! What are you going to do first?! Is there anything I can get for you?! Just let me know!”

Libby looked pretty tired but she tried her best to smile. “Yawn! Good morning... Yoseph. I’m glad I remembered this so I would be prepared. I asked Dr. Engrish if he would do the translating for them again and he agreed so I can give you some of my time. When and if the professor has time we can begin.”

Lily ran past Yoseph and then gave Libby a big hug. “Hey, Libby! How are you? I hope it’s okay but I wanted to talk with this Egad person too.”

“Hey! Sure thing, Blue Bean! I don’t have all morning but I’ll give you some time too. I’m a little interested myself to hear what he has to say. Guess what? Do you remember that woman I talked about that—“ Yoseph rolled his eyes. What was the deal with girls anyway?

The two friends walked past Yoseph towards the camp and he followed them, feeling alone and confused. Hopefully they could just get to it soon and the girls wouldn’t hog the conversation. Why did he ever invite her along anyway?

E. Gadd sat on a stump with his friends and talked with his human friends about things while he munched on his cereal (it didn't taste quite as good as our cereal but very healthy). Once he saw Libby and Yoseph together, though, he quickly finished it and put down the wooden bowl. He excused himself and briskly walked towards them.

“Good morning, Libby! In case you are wondering, I’m available right now if you are too. Forgive me for looking antsy but I just... oh, who is this?”

“Hello, professor,” said Libby. “This is Lily, Yoshi’s sister. She wants to talk to you too if that’s alright.”

“That would be fantastic. It's a pleasure to meet you. So... where should we sit today? Or stand? Or walk? Or whatever? Do you want to decide, Lily?”

Libby interpretd for her and then Lily thought for a second. “Yeah! Actually, I think walking sounds like a great idea. I’ve been sitting down too long. Let’s go!”

Yoseph sighed. He had been walking for so long that this was the last thing on his mind. But he didn’t want to argue again so he kept quiet and followed Lily with the others. They went down the same trail that Yoseph had traveled with E. Gadd on the far left, Liby to his right, Lily to her right, and Yoseph on the far right. So far he felt unhappy with this situation but hoped it would get better.

Elvin looked around at the scenery and began to talk. “Well this island is so amazing to me I think I could live here for awhile! But anyway... hello again. My name is Elvin Gadd, Lily, but just call me E. Gadd if you wish.”

Lily said, “Oh! That’s how you say your name! Heh heh... I had it wrong when I first heard it.”

“Ha! That’s understandable, child. Everyone makes that mistake. Now let me inform you a little bit about what I’ve told these two and you can ask me more about it later if you want. I, along with the others, came from another planet called Earth and were pulled into this world by mistake. We’re trying to find the people who have got lost in this world and then discover a way to get back home. Our world is similar to yours in many ways but our species is currently the superior one and as far as we know we may be the most intelligent out of the other species. As far as we know. Did I mention that before? Oh well.

“So, that’s what we talked about last night and we can catch up on that later. I’ll be glad to listen to you, Lily, and answer questions soon. But if I’m not mistaken, I was going to answer another question from Yoseph today, correct?”

Yoseph couldn’t contain himself. “Yeah! It was about if you had an ideas of how to return home again. That’s all.”

5. Purpose theory

“Mmmm. Yes, I do have an idea but I’m not sure if it would work or not. Many of these people have wandered around the world, like Libby’s friend Rose did, to find a way back. It doesn’t seem like anyone has had any luck though and some today still search for a portal leading to Earth.

“I have a little theory about this but who knows if it’s true or not. I believe that each of us has to accomplish a certain goal—or purpose I guess you could say—in order to return back to Earth. Perhaps as soon as you do these things you go home, or maybe you do these things and then eventually can go or... something like that. For myself I believe that my purpose is to find that mansion, but that’s just my own belief.”

“Mansion?” asked Lily. "What's that?"

“Yes. Oh no! Did I just—well I suppose I might as well explain. But are you sure you want to hear this story? It is a little sad and scary.”

“Yeah! I wanna hear everything!” said Yoseph. Lily didn’t look like she really did as far as the sad part goes.

6. Mansion story

“Well... sigh... so be it. For your information, a mansion is a large building and a building is like a hut you have here that people live in, but this is much much larger and has much more space for people to live. Anyway, as our group of people searched Mushroom World far and wide for either a way home or Brock’s wife, eventually all of us at least once stumbled across this old, spooky mansion in a deep forest. My friends felt overcome at our discovery and said we should go inside to look for the woman, but something inside of me said that we shouldn’t go in there. This wasn’t just fear because somehow I just KNEW it was dangerous.

“By the look on my friends’ faces, they must have thought what I did. I warned them about how I felt besides obviously afraid but they laughed at me and went inside. I waited outside for an hour or so and grew bored so I took a short walk away. When I had returned to the area... the mansion... was GONE!!”

Yoseph screamed. “GAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!! B-b-b-but how?!”

“I don’t know. But I knew that I had not made a mistake and gone to the wrong area. The mansion used to be there. The open area of the woods and the building-shaped depression in the ground.” He heard Yoseph scream again. “I reacted just like you did and searched to find this building, but it was like it had never even been there. I told the news sadly to the others and they didn’t believe it at first. Until the people never came back.

“The story gets no better from here. According to what I heard, after a few years of the first encounter, the same mansion reappeared in the same area! You would think that people knew not to step foot inside, but they wanted to find the missing people. And guess what? The same thing happened to them!” More screaming, and this time from the others too. “Over and over I heard the stories from people that they’re friends or family went inside the mansion and never came back out! I myself even considered going inside to look for them but thankfully I had good friends to keep me from doing that.

“Now, I believe my purpose is to build a machine that can fight these horrible ghosts and rescue my friends. For some years now I’ve had been constructing an underground laboratory beside the location of the forest to study this and one day...”

{a few notes of Luigi’s Mansion theme}

“... I will be ready to do what I have to do.”

Yoseph now had his hands in his mouth and when he noticed this he quickly pulled them out. Lily said, “I’m so sorry! That must be difficult to lose so many friends that you care about. I would feel so worried for them.”

Elvin nodded. “Yes, it is. But I have faith that I can rescue them some day. I just have to.”

Yoseph said, “Uh... heh... well, I hope you don’t—I wish you good luck! By the way, do you know if... there’s any way... I can know my purpose? If I have one.”

“Purpose, eh? Now there’s a question I’m afraid I can’t answer.”

“What?! But you’re a doctor!”

“Hee hee! That’s too good!! Don’t worry. I can’t answer it because I don’t know for sure. In fact I don’t know if anyone knows for sure! On Earth, for all of history our kind has attempted to understand why we are here and what we need to do. Some say that we don’t have a purpose in life and that we’re part of an accident that formed the world, so there’s nothing to worry about and we can do whatever we want. Others say that there is a purpose but many have their own ideas about what it is. It may involve theories, theologies, philosophy, ideologies, religions, and much more information than you could care to ever know!”

“So... it’s something I have to find for myself?”

“Precisely. But I’m afraid that it would take a long time to tell you everything that I know and even that may not hold the answer to your question.”

“Oh no! How am I supposed to find out my purpose in life? I really want to know!”

“I’m sorry, Yoseph. I could tell you a little but I can’t guarantee that—wait a second... a-ha! Yes! Boy, do you remember when I said that when I first came to the Kingdom that a plelthora of books came along with me? (I was really having a good reading day then!) I believe that many of those books are just what I was talking about! Would you be willing to read some them?”

“Uh... yes! I have to! Do you have them with you now?”

“Sorry, but I left them at my home in the Mushroom Kingdom. I could go back tomorrow and bring them to you, but... uh-oh. I forgot that they’re all in English.”

“No!! Now it’s impossible! I really wanted to know.” Yoseph wanted to cry but he tried not to so he wouldn’t embarrass himself. Libby sat quietly for a second and put her hand on his shoulder.

“Yoseph... do you... want me to teach you how to speak English?”

He looked up slowly at her. “Would you really... do that for me?”

“Yes, I will. I think that it’s important someone teach our kind to speak this sooner or later so that we don’t lose communication. And I... can... read some of the books for you if you want.”

“Yay! Thank you Libby!” He ran around Lily and hugged her, then ran back to his spot.

Lily asked, “Can you teach me too? I mean... just the English stuff, not the books?” Libby said she could.

The old man laughed again. “Why thank you very much for doing that for them, child. Now I feel like a missionary of every religion to dinosaurs in another dimension! Hoo hoo! But, son, I must give you a serious warning. Please be extremely careful of what you do with this knowledge. In my world, many nations have countless wars against each other in order to defend or establish their religions. All of the things that you believe in, no matter how big or small, will shape your whole life so you must be careful and always search for truth. And if you do find the truth, never stop asking questions. My motto is find the truth, know the truth, test the truth, live the truth, and share the truth. Please remember that.”

Yoseph nodded. “Yes, I will do that.”

7. The Truth

Lily thought about that and soon understood how right he was right. Then she remembered something and swallowed. “Sir... when you talk about truth, what do you think someone should do with truth? I mean, the kind of truth that someone might not want you to tell but if you don’t then someone you love could die?”

Yoseph opened his eyes and blinked. Elvin responded, “That is a tough situation. Although I never want to lie or hold the truth from those who need to hear it, you must be carefull. I have heard that the truth will set you free, but I also know that first it can make you miserable. And what are the consequences of telling the truth versus not telling the truth? You must pick the lesser of two evils and do what you and your family believes is the best choice. That’s all I can tell you unfortunately.”

Libby looked a little concerned while she interpretd this to the others. Lily stayed quiet to think about this for a little and soon she knew what she had to do. If she could do it. “Thank you for telling me that, sir. Because there’s something I need to tell you and if I don’t then my brother may die.”

“Oh really? You mean there’s something we don’t know about that you’re hiding from us?”

Libby looked even more worried now. “Lily... what are you going to tell him? I can’t let you tell him something that would jeopardize our one chance to save him.”

“But that’s just it, Libby! The doctors don’t know what to do and they might never know if they don’t know the truth. Didn’t you hear what E. Gadd said about truth? It’s so clear now. This could have a negative effect but the positive effects are worth it. And I think that he wouldn’t tell the others if he didn’t like what he heard. Right? I think we can trust him.”

“I agree that he seems very trustworthy but we can’t assume that about anyone right now. The humans might try to kill Yoshi for their sake if they hear it.”

Yoseph said, “Libby! Please let her tell him! How can a land prosper when it hides secrets from each other? Yes, the humans could kill him but we could defeat them if we had to! I’ll be responsible for whatever happens. Just don’t hide this any longer, please.”

“Yoseph! Lily! I promised Yoshi’s parents that I would say nothing about this, and that includes saying it for someone else.”

Lily had tears in her eyes. “But what about the human that kidnapped my father? What if they know who that was and can stop him?”

This revelation made Yoseph almost yell in shock but he covered his mouth. Libby said, “You have a point there, but what if that was one of these people and they attack us when they know we’ve found out the truth? I’m sorry but...” Lily was crying now and E. Gadd looked worried about this discussion that he couldn’t understand. Libby finished, “Oh man... fine, Lily. But I just want you to know that we could both get in huge trouble and who knows what could happen. I'm going with my heart here and because I trust you and love you.”

Lily hugged her friend. “Thank you... Libby... sniff. Okay. Sorry to keep you waiting, E. Gadd, but we had a little argument about what I wanted to say to you. Here’s what we need to tell you. The reason that Yoshi crashed into the trees was because... he was chasing some of us across the platforms of the bottomless pit.” Elvin looked very surprised and listened carefully. “He was chasing us because... he was trying to eat us.”

“WHAT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Oh my. They told us that he just tried to cross it and accidently fell in the forest but... wow. Why did you let him live?”

Lily shushed him. “Yes, some of us wanted to but we didn’t. Yoshi didn’t used to be like this. It’s a long story. Yoshi was just like us for all of his life until several days ago. He woke up one morning and somehow transformed into what he is now. At first he hated it but then he started to adjust. But ever so slowly his circumstances became terrible and inside he was falling apart.

“The very day before he mutated, his Yoshi Ball team lost the championship game after Boshi did something unusual. His team probably wouldn’t have scored a point for this, but eventually the referees made a decision that led them to win the game. He defeated some weapons that Koopa sent to attack us and he seemed to be happy again for awhile. Then you may have noticed that a hurricane struck this island recently and not only wrecked our home, but also may have killed one of Yoshi’s friends."

"Oh dear." The professor shook his head and looked concerned.

Lily continued. “If that wasn’t bad enough, his girlfriend of three years revealed that she didn’t love him any more and left him heartbroken. The very next morning he started acting weird around people and before long... he lost it all. Suddenly he went on a mad rampage and chased everyone around and tried to eat us. Thankfully he never managed to do that, as far as we know, but eventually he followed Jikondo and my parents across the platforms of Plummeting Pit and accidently slipped or something and smashed into the trees on the other side. And that’s where we our now in the story.”

The professor’s jaw hung open and he couldn’t speak for a second. Finally he said calmly, “I’m completely speechless. No wonder she didn’t want me to hear that! Oh dear... that poor kid. No, this is bad for everyone! I see now what’s wrong and I understand what made your brother lose his mind. If I had to go through all of that I just might be kookier than I am right now!

“I have to admit something right now, too. As I have been studying Yoshi and comparing him to you dinosaurs, I’ve noticed something that sounds impossible yet I can’t dismiss. On my world, Earth, we used to have dinosaurs—none quite like you though—and we have unearthed hundreds of their fossils and learned about our history from them. One of the biggest and most famous dinosaurs is one named Tyrannosaurus Rex which walks on it’s hind legs, has short arms, a long tail, jagged teeth, and probably was a meat eater.”

All three Yoshies gasped at the same time. Libby said, “So you think that he might be turning into one of them? But how could he if all of them are possibly extinct, like you said yesterday, and not even on this planet?”

8. Yoshisaurus Rex

“No, I’m not saying that he’s becoming one... I think that he’s been combined with one! Which would make him... a Yoshi-saurus Rex! Or YoshiAsaurus Rex if you prefer. But that’s not important. I think that what caused Yoshi to go on that rampage may have been triggered by his aggressive feelings which activated his T-rex impulse to eat other dinosaurs! The big question now is what caused him to transform in the first place.”

Lily said, “Wow! I didn’t understand a word of that but I’m glad you’re getting some ideas. But about his transformation... there’s a whole lot more you need to know. I hope that you have the time.”

Lily went on to explain the truth about Yoshi’s real father and what happened to him. How a human supposedly kidnapped him, changed him into a mutant, and he returned but died soon after. This was the first time Libby and Yoseph heard this and they couldn’t believe their minds. But it was E. Gadd who couldn’t possibly be more shocked.

“YOU’RE KIDDING ME!!! You say that it could have been one of us that did this to Yoshi’s father, Yoshigefumi, and why his son also transformed?! Oh dear. No wonder so many of you are so scared of us! I can’t begin to say how sorry I am that this happened. And I don’t even have a clue who did this!”

“You don’t?!” asked Lily.

“No! None of us has ever done anything like that as far as we know. And I don’t think anyone has the technology here to build a machine like that. On Earth we have incredible technology but here the mushroom people don’t and we have to build our own weapons and such from scratch. Brock did build weapons to fight the Koopas but they weren’t that big and powerful. And the Koopas managed to steal some of them and learned how to build their own. Maybe Yoshigefumi was wrong and it was actually King Koopa that got him. Or maybe... when Brock’s dimension machine malfunctioned it caused the other dimension he visited to partially merge with this one and have a strange effect! That could be a possibility!”

Lily asked, “You could be right, but we just want to save Yoshi right now and figure out the past later. Do you know what you can do now?”

Elvin thought for a moment. “Yes! I think I just might! Yoshi’s problem was gentically inherited and so I don’t know if we can return him to normal physically. However, his mental condition was caused in the brain so... maybe if we fix the problem in his brain we can return him to normal mentally!”

Yoseph asked, “You mean... like brain surgery? Do the doctors know how to do that? I don’t think our doctors do.”

“Yes we do! Well... a few of us but that’s enough. The only matter is determing what part of the brain we need to correct and how in order to succeed. Thank you dearly for telling me this, Lily!” He shook her hand and then the others as well. “I’m sorry that I can’t talk to you more but with the truth on our side, we’ve got no time to lose! Yoshi may have a chance at life yet!”

{Dr. Mario “Chill” rock remix with sounds from the hospital (a pumping heart, rhythmic breathing, beeping pulse machine, and other equipment)}

Elvin dashed off back to the camp and the three Yoshies followed him. He ran down the trail towards the campsite and nothing was going to slow him down. He was definitely in good health for his age! However, the three dinos Yoseph, Libby, and Lily soon caught up to him and were beginning to run past him. Yoseph realized that the human couldn’t run as fast as they could, so he got an idea and stopped in front of E. Gadd, turned his side to him, and then bent down his neck. E. Gadd understood right away and gratefully climbed onto his bare back and let Yoseph take him there. His two friends couldn’t believe their eyes and little did anyone know that he was probably the second yoshi to ever do this. (Libby being the first)

As soon as they reached the area, E. Gadd jumped off and explained what Lily had just told him as fast as he could. Each of them reacted like he had when he first heard about it and they had to ask Lily again to make sure this was all true. When she promised it was, they also asked her parents which felt upset that Lily had not listened to them but admitted that all was true. The doctors immediately got to work. The yoshi doctors were called on and they came as fast as they could. First they all pushed fallen trees out of the way and moved the tent further down over Yoshi’s head to make room. The gloves and masks went on, supplies were grabbed and taken inside the tent, and everyone went inside to prepare for surgery.

Hour after hour passed by and they were still busy in there. Yoseph waited hopefully with Yoshi’s family outside. He thought about stepping inside for a second to see how they were doing, but the mere thought of seeing dinosaur brains made him nautious. Meanwhile, Sanya and Hiroshi scolded Lily for telling them the this private information but later admitted she was probably right to tell them and they overreacted a little bit. She would be punished for disobeying but the parents promised to be more open in the future.

Suddenly, the doctors began to come out! They were talking back and forth to each other a lot and overall they looked very confident and pleased. Yoseph and Yoshi’s family stood up and walked towards the Yoshi docors.

Sanya ran up to a pink Yoshi and asked, “How did it go? Was the surgery a success? Will we be able to talk to Yoshi soon?”

The yoshi doctor said, “Well, to be honest I really don’t know. I’ve never seen brain sugery performed—and I must say it was very amazing—but the humans sounded very confident and hopeful. The woman, Mia, is a vetrinarian, or animal doctor, and she helped the doctors with part of it. So, we have hope but we’ll have to see. We stitched Yoshi’s head together and we’re going to wait a few hours for the anestitic to wear off. Then you should be able to talk to him.”

After the doctor finished and walked away, Libby stepped to the group and said, “That was really gross! Yuck! But they did a great job. I bet he’ll be able to think normally again when he wakes up. I’m very proud of their work! And even though I didn’t appreciate her disobedience, I’m also proud of Lily for telling them what happened. I’m sorry that we couldn’t keep it a secret, Zoruses, but I feel for you and understand why you didn’t want to tell them.”

Hiroshi and Sanya nodded. Hiroshi said, “Yeah, we’re proud of her too. We admit that we may have been somewhat overcautious here. Not just with not telling the humans but also not telling any of our friends about it. I guess we we’re afraid of being treated differently.”

Yoseph asked, “But how did the two parts of the story of Yoshigefumi get out in the first place? The one about him getting kidnapped and the other with him returning as a giant?”

Sanya said, “Well, it’s because that very few people saw the machine that took Yoshigefumi and I doubt that anyone his kidnapping, because he was taken inside of it. Then when he returned to the island and in normal size, he told me about the human that got him and then showed me how he could consciously make himself grow into a giant. The few people who saw him like this probably didn’t recognize him the few times he showed up, and others wouldn’t believe the story when they told it. Some of my close friends I told this about must have accidentally told some parts of the story—like the human—but I’m not for sure.”

Turbo, Yoshi’s fraternal brother with black skin, said, “Wait... how did he grow and shrink whenever he wanted to? Do you think that brother could do that somehow? Did Yoshigefumi tell you how?”

Sanya put her hand over her eyes. “Ugh! No, I really should have asked him that. But now with the humans here maybe we’ll find a way.”

Libby said, “I believe that we’ll find a way! And I look forward to having Yoshi back to normal."

- Y – O – S – H – I -

{Super Mario 64 “Boo’s Merry-go-round” getting really warped and twisted}

You traitor! You monster! You fool! This is the end of hope! The end of life! You’re going to be like this forever. Listening to us torment you! Watching yourself act like this without a choice! You’ll never wake up, and if you do, you’re friends will kill you immediately! You’re going to feel like this forever! Ha ha ha ha ha!

“No!” thought Yoshi. “Please leave me alone! Let me out of here! All of this must be a bad dream. When will I wake up? I’m sorry, Yoshi gods! I’M SO SORRY!! LET ME OUT!!”

Yoshi couldn’t take it any longer. Everything was turning into a loud, noisy blend of angry voices, dizzy images, and distorted sounds. Right when it seemed like his brain would fall apart... he woke up.


“Yoshi, calm down! It’s me, your mother!” Sanya stood beside his head and stared into the quivering eye of his son. His eyes were normal again but now full of fear and panic. Perhaps she shouldn’t have untied his mouth but she felt glad to talk to him again. The tent around Yoshi’s head was taken down and all of Yoshi’s family and many friends stood around him. When they saw his reactions, many backed away but others ran up and touched his neck.

Yoshi realized that he was awake and felt the prescence of many people around him. He would have noticed the ropes around his arms and legs, but he was still quite scared and quickly breathing in and out. “M-m-m-mom... I... what happened? I had such a terrible dream. I saw a hurricane wreck the island. Boshi was missing. Victoshia hated me. And I became angry and tried to eat everyone. Please tell me that everyone is okay! Huh... huh...”

Sanya kissed her son’s colorful cheek but didn’t speak for a second. “Everyone is safe, Yoshi. We’re all fine. You’ll be okay.”

Hiroshi, who stood right behind his wife, stepped up to his son. “Yes, son. You don’t need to worry about anything. Thanks to our new friends, you’ll be fine.”

“No I won’t!” said Yoshi. “I’m... so scared and confused. I don’t know what is real and what isn’t. Oh no... this... wasn’t a dream, was it?! Mom! Dad! Please tell me it was all a dream!!”

Both of his parents looked sad. Hiroshi quietly answered him, “No, I’m afraid it really did happen. All of those things you described is what happened. But we forgive you, Yoshi and we’re all safe.”


Suddenly, and with no permission, Dr. Engrish walked out of the crowd and stood beside Yoshi’s mother. He said kindly in Yoshish, “Kid, this probably wasn’t your fault. Please don’t blame yourself. We’ve heard about the things you’ve gone through and we understand why you reacted like that. It wasn’t a good reaction but it was understandable.”

“No! That’s just not true. I listened to the voices in my head and chose to think about things that were hateful and wrong. Stop lying to me with your... wait. WHO AND WHAT ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!?!”

All of the Yoshies groaned because of what Dr. Engrish had done. The doctor himself felt a little embarrassed and started walking away to the back of the crowd. But the other humans stopped him and walked up to Yoshi with Libby at the head of them.

Libby smiled back at them then looked back at her friend. “Yoshi... these are the ones who saved your life. They are humans.”


Libby replied, “No! They are not evil! At least not all of them. They are friendly aliens from another world who came here by mistake and want to get home. They speak in another language but they know so many great things. We couldn’t save you on our own efforts so we traveled to the Mushroom Kingdom and got help. Thanks to your friends Yoseph, Koshi, Jikondo, your parents, and others, we were able to persuade the mayor to let us take a chance and save your life. And it looks as if they have. You can trust them, Yoshi, and we will give you a second chance.”

Yoshi’s sister with yellow skin, Angel said, “And that’s not all. We have a surprise for you. Victoshia, could you come out please?” Libby interpretd what she said into English and then interpretd everything following this too.

Yoshi gagged. “Huh?! No, please! It’s too embarrassing. I don’t want to talk to her about this.”

“No, Yoshi! She said that... hey, where is she? Victoshia?”

A Yoshi in the crowd replied, “I saw her leave here quickly not long ago.”

“She did?” asked Angel. “Oh no. She probably got scared. Yoshi... while you were unconscious, Vicky said she was really sorry what she said to you and felt terrible. Maybe later she’ll talk to you when you have more privacy, but I ask that you’ll forgive her whether she does or doesn’t talk to you.”

Yoshi paused. “I... I’ll try to forgive her if she can forgive me. But I don’t think I want to talk to her right now.”

Angel started to speak but Dr. Engrish interrupted her. “Mayor Miyamoshi... before we leave the island I need to ask you something. We heard that you planned to send Yoshi away from the island if enough of you agreed. I’m not acusing you of that, but we need to know... what are you going to do with him now? Are you going to send him away for sure this time?”

Miyamoshi, who stood in the middle of the crowd, replied, “I didn’t think about that yet. I think it would be best to do that for the safety of this island, but on the other hand I don’t know where else he could go. I believe we could send some of our militia with him but we need to really discuss this before we do something we could regret.”

Jikondo nodded. “Yes. But do we really need to do that? If we left him tied up long enough and could see that he was fine, wouldn’t that be adequate proof of recovery?”

“No, because he could still have problems later on. And if there was another attack, what would happen that time? Would we be able to escape? Would we be able to find the humans again if they were willing to help us? If we had to go through that all over again I’m sad to say that we might have to seriously consider putting an end to his life.”

E. Gadd said something to Libby and she repeated what he said. “Professor E. Gadd says ‘But with the right tool you could easily put him to sleep! Your tranquilizer arrows were a great idea but they aren’t strong enough to work for someone as large as your friend. However, we have a magical item in our land that can immediately cause anyone who hears it to instantly fall asleep! The person who uses it won’t be affected and the others will come out of the sleep eventually.”

All of the yoshies smiled when they heard this. Then Mia said something to Dr. Engrish which he interpretd. “Yeah that’s right! The golden music box! But unfortunately these items are very hard to find and they only work once and then poof out of existence. You’d want to have at least a few of these and keep them out of easy reach. Like maybe behind a glass door and smash it with a hammer or something.”

Miyamoshi looked excited. “Really? That is amazing! Do you have any with you? If you don’t could you bring some to us? Oh! And we would be very happy to begin trading with you if your people desire. And we still owe you many gold coins for your good work with Yoshi. What do you say?”

The humans looked interested and they quickly got together and discussed it. After a few minutes they turned around and let Libby speak for them. “They said that they would love to do that, especially for fruit and lumber. First, they need to check with the mushroom people of the Kingdom, but they’ll probably be quite happy to do that. Didn’t we stop trading with them because they joined with humans, Miyamoshi?”

Miymoshi covered his eyes, embarrassed. “Uh... yeah we did. Looks like they were right in this situation. I feel terrible now.”

“Don’t worry, at least we know now. Oh yeah... and E. Gadd wanted to know if he could stay here a little longer after he retrieves some supplies from home.”

“Yes! We would be delighted for him to stay if he wants, and any of you for that matter. However, we do require that you obtain a visa if you stay for an extended period. Also, we’ll need to have some of the same precautions as before such as examining your luggage, having guards watch you, and... I should probably warn you that sometimes the Koopas try to attack us, but they haven’t for a little while.”

E. Gadd nodded. “Yeah, I heard about that! Don’t worry, though, we have special items that we can use to defend ourselves. And everything else sounds fine to me. I could use a vacation on this paradise.”

Mia asked, “But... will you be okay here by yourself, Professor? I mean, no offense, but you’re getting a little old and I don’t want anything to happen to you all alone.”

“Alone? But I’m surrounded by good friends!” He grinned from ear to ear.

“Yeah but... you know what I mean.”

Dr. Wunnup said, “Actually, I could use a vacation too. And I’ve heard that the yoshies are a tough bunch that can handle pretty much anything.”

Dr. Engrish added, “Hey, have we really explored Yoshi’s Island yet? We still need to find a way out of this world or find those people who got lost here. I don’t think we know very much.”

“So,” asked Mia, “Does that mean that we’re all staying here for awhile?”

The humans and mushroom person thought about this for a second and then said, “Yeah! Why not!”

Yoseph smiled. “Don’t forget to bring some friends!

This could be the beginning of something very good.

{SMW “Bonus Clear” song} “Yoshi!”
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