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TITLE: Legend of the Yoshisaurus (ep. 11)
By Jacob Gibson

The action will take a short break for now as new characters appear, big secrets are revealed, and tough new questions arise. Thank you to anyone who has read any of the story or is still reading! Critiques are welcome and encouraged.
Episode 11: Wise Advice from Dr. Know-it-all

Following a few more hours of traveling through the blue sky high over the land, the tired yoshies finally found the Mushroom Kingdom with excitement and met the mushroom people and humans. The fungi folk were glad to see their peaceful alies again and the yoshies them, but their first encounter with the humans was a little uncomfortable. They met in a small house with a gathering of humans and fungi folk to talk. Since Libby the white Yoshi knew their language she was able to translate what they said so they could talk with them. (The mushroom people had their own language too but they and the dinos knew each other's languages) After some light conversation, they got to business and asked where they could find some medical specialists and soon found some. They convinced a few to actually come back to the island, with a promise of payment and wonderful stay, and most of them responded with interest and enthusiasm. No one, however, told them about Yoshi's great size or his mysterious attack of rage. It seemed like too big a risk to reveal that.

By the time the yoshies returned to their island with the humans, the sky was splashed with crimson. The dinosaurs landed their boats in the docks and then helped carry everyone’s supplies to shore. The guards kept a close watch on these strange creatures and prepared to attack them at any second if needed. This amused one of the mushroom people greatly.

“So... you all must really not trust their kind, huh? I feel like we’re being taken as prisoners on your island! Ha ha!”

Libby’s white face turned bright pink. “Yeah, sorry about that, Dr. Wunnup. My kind is a little overly cautious sometimes, in my opinion. Not that we don’t have a reason too, but... yeah. However, I’m pretty sure they’ll start to like you all eventually. It helps to understand one of your languages!”

“How in the world did you learn English anyway?” he replied.

She began to tell him but was interrupted by someone else. “Hey, Libby, can you ask the humans where we need to put their things? Where they want to stay?”

Libby shrugged. “Uh... alright. Hey, all! Where do you want to stay on the island? I’m sorry to say that we don’t have any temporary places to live after the hurricane, but we can look for good places to set up your tents.”

The woman with curly brown hair replied, “We should probably find a good place to put your friend first, if we can move him, and then we’ll set up close to him, in case of emergencies. I hope he’s not too heavy to move! Ha ha!”

The other humans laughed with her but Libby felt sick. Oh no. There’s no way they’ll be able to move him! What am I going to do? I feel like we’ve lied to them and it’s too late to tell the truth! How could I do this? With every step they took towards Yoshi, the more that Libby dreaded what would happen next.

“Are we almost there Libby?” asked Dr. Wunnup, a mushroom person with a large green hat with white polka dots. “I don’t mean to complain but these supplies are taking a toll on the rest of my body!”

The strange-looking old man said, “I believe that you do mean to complain, doctor. I’m older than you are and you haven’t heard a peep out of me! Tough it out, boy! Hoo hoo hoo!”
“Y-yes, we’re almost there,” said Libby. “Just a little more ways ahead through the trees and—“

“Woah!” said Dr. Wunnup, the mushroom person. “Am I seeing things or are there a bunch of trees knocked over ahead of us?” Libby swallowed. The other yoshies couldn’t understand them but had a bad feeling they knew what they were thinking.

“Uh... yeah,” said Libby. “There was... a little accident.” She felt really nervous now and seeing that they had almost reached the area, she couldn’t hold it in any longer. “Uh! Okay! Stop! I have to tell you the truth right now! I think that there’s something I need to explain about our friend, and there’s no easy way for me to say this, but—“

She was too late. All of a sudden the tall doctor in front of the group stopped dead in his tracks and jumped back. “Woah! What is the— GASP! WHAT IN THE NAME OF KING KOOPA IS THAT?!?! GAAAAAAHHHA!!”

Everyone dropped their heavy luggage right away and ran to see what had made this man so excited. Libby knew that she was in trouble now.


The humans now all stood before the head of giant black dinosaur resting in the dark. They couldn’t take their eyes off of him. Libby’s friends looked at each other with worry in their eyes. Was everything ruined now? She didn’t know what to say. But the humans had plenty.

“That...” said Dr. Wunnup with eyes like golf balls, “Is one big lizard, dude!!”

The old man took off his glasses, wiped them on his coat, and then put them on again to ensure that he was seeing this alright. He looked at Libby. “Uh, child... when you said ‘he’s a little big’ I don’t think that you really explained that very well.”

She looked down at her boots. “Yes... I’m sorry, everyone. I was afraid if you knew about this that you wouldn’t want to come, but I should have told you the truth. What have I done? I may have just killed Yoshi because you guys may not have the equipment you need! How could I?!”

He simply laughed. “Oh! Don’t worry about it. I’m not angry... I’m just ecstatic! Wow, I haven’t seen any giant creatures for so long. And I’m not a medical doctor so you don’t have to worry. I simply came here to assist however I can and see your wonderful island!”

Libby took a deep breath. Then the woman turned to her and said, “I understand why you would want to cover this up. I’m not upset but I am a little concerned. Our problem is that we’ve never had a situation like this so we’re not prepared to handle it. Thankfully we have most of our equipment anyway so you don’t have to worry. We’ll do what we can but we can’t promise anything.”

“Thank you, Mia,” said Libby. She looked at the yoshies and gave them a thumbs up.

Dr. Engrish said, “Wait a second! Let’s think about this first! Does this seem like a smart idea? We’re going to be helping a giant dinosaur recover and what is going to happen when he wakes up? Will he try to eat us all? I’ve heard a lot about these yoshi creatures and one thing I know is that they have been known to eat ANYTHING! And I’m so sure that anything doesn’t include homo sapiens, right? We’re in huge danger.”

Libby looked very offended. “Hey! We may be omnivores but we don’t eat just anything! I admit that we do eat a lot but we never eat friends, even if they’re a different species. You have my promise that we won’t let Yoshi try to do something like that. We have more reason to be afraid of you than the other way around!”

One of them said, “I’ll take your word on this. You can leave if you want, Dr., but I’m going to stay here to help.” The rest of them agreed and so they didn’t say anything else about that.

Dr. Wunnup scratched his little beard and studied the giant monster. “So, ma’am, can you tell us anything about your friend? Why is he tied up and unconscious? How long has he been this large? What’s wrong with him exactly? Have your doctors made any progress that they can inform us about?”

Libby replied, “No, unfortunately I don’t know anything. You should talk to the Zorus family about that. They’re the ones with... well... I’ll bring them here.”

The white dinosaur quickly searched for Yoshi’s doctors and parents and then brough them back to the area. As Libby interpretd what they said to Dr. Wunnup, the other humans stayed behind to set up equipment. They set up their tents and things close to Yoshi and then put up one more large tent over Yoshi’s head to have a cleaner environment. It was frustrating not having enough tents to cover his entire body, but right now they had no choice. At least the yoshies seemed to be relaxing and some of them were helping with the work.

Yoshi’s parents and doctors told the humans about some of the things they knew (holding back certain information) and after twenty minutes or so they felt like they were ready to begin Yoshi’s examination. The Yoshi doctors and human doctors got closer to him and studied him more. But to the dinos’ discouragement, the tools that the humans employment didn’t have appear to be anything special. However, they did use a few interesting things they had never seen before, such as liquids they put on Yoshi’s body. Mia put on some “magical healing lipstick” and hesitantly kissed Yoshi on the nose. It didn’t work since it apparently only healed humans, but everyone got to laugh from that.

“Ha ha! That’s splendid,” said the old man with a laugh. “Now maybe he’ll turn into a prince!”

But when he said these words he stopped abruptly and the humans suddenly stopped laughing too. They looked at each other uncomfortably and the old man covered his mouth for a second. “I... I’m sorry. That was very thoughtless. I think that I’ll just sit down in my tent for a moment.”

Dr. Wunnup replied, “No, no, sir. Don’t worry, it happens sometimes. I was just... a little stunned for a second.”

“Well... I was gonna sit down anyway. I’ll be right back soon.”

The old man left and went inside his little green tent not far from them. Yoseph, who had been watching the humans for awhile, noticed this and then got an idea. At first it scared him to even consider doing it but then he remembered what Libby had said earlier and decided to take that chance.

Yoseph walked up to the busy translating Yoshi and tapped her on the back. “Uh... Libby?”

Libby looked away from the woman she was talking to and said, “Yes? Did you want to help or something?” She sounded a little grouchy when she replied and only added to the young dinosaur’s anxiety.

“Uh... would... would it be alright if... uh... if you could go with me to... uh... um... talk to... one of the humans?”

“I’m sorry, Yoseph, but I need to stay here so I can interpret for everyone. It’s really important, sorry.”

“Oh. I see. Sorry to disturb you. I just... wanted to talk to one of them before they left us forever, ya know.” He slouched down and walked away slowly. She frowned and tried to think of something to say.

Dr. Engrish noticed this and asked Libby what was bugging him. She replied, “Oh... he wanted to talk to one of you but unfortunately I can’t interpret for him because I’m too busy here. Plus you’re probably all too busy for that, right?”

He shrugged. “Well, the Professor is taking a break in his tent but if I know him, he’s probably not doing anything important or sleeping. And I can take over for the translating if you want to. We’re not really talking that much anyway and remember what I told ya before!” He spoke in Yoshish, “I’m a dinosaur person too!”

“Oh, yeah... you can speak Yoshish.” She spoke in Yoshish to test him further. “So are you saying I should go and take a break?”

Dr. Engrish grinned, his eyes twinkling. “Sure, sure! It’s no problem for us. And this might be his only chance to have a good chat with ‘Mr. Goofball’ before we leave. I think if I could only talk to one person in life besides my family, it would probably be him. I don’t know why, but he’s like a weird, funny grandfather I’ve never had. Ha ha!” The other people agreed and laughed with him.

Libby chuckled nervously. “Well... okay, then. Thanks I guess. Hey, Yoseph! Just a second!”

One second later, Yoseph and Libby stood at the old man’s tent. Yoseph appeared a little scared but Libby lightly rapped on the tent door. As quick as a flash the tent flap opened and the professor stuck his head out of the door.

“Hello? Oh... I’m sorry, but I don’t have any treats for you right now. Please try the tent next door! Hoo hoo hoo!”

Both dinosaurs gave him a strange look, even though Yoseph couldn’t understand him. Then Libby asked with little impatience, “Sir we don’t mean to trouble you but he... we wanted to know if you had time to talk for a second. If you don’t have any time, that’s perfectly fine and we’ll just—“

“Do I have time? Of course! I was just doing a bit of pondering about Yoshi’s case but... it’s like my good friend George Willikerz always used to say, ‘Just like iron sharpens iron, two minds can keep each other from getting too dull.’ Ha ha!”

Libby pretended to laugh. “Oh really. So... are we coming inside?”

“Yes of course! Hold it... no actually, I believe that it would be best to talk outside! I do my best thinking outdoors and all great conversations happen outside with nature! If that’s okay with you kids.”

“Well... yeah." She turned to Yoseph and said, "Okay, let’s go, buddy.”

The old man quickly stepped out and then they let Yoseph find a place to sit down. He led them away from the area and found a great location at the top of a small hill and they all settled down in the grass. The old man sat on the right side, Yoseph sat on the left, and Libby sat between them so she could interpret easier. From where they sat, they weren’t too far from Yoshi and the doctors and they had a nice view of them through the trees.

Libby sighed. “Great. Now, Yoseph, what did you want to ask him?”

Yoseph suddenly became afraid and didn’t know what to say first. So he started with something a little more formal. “Uh... um... hi. So, I see that you have hair on you head! And you have five fingers on each hand!" (Yoshies only have four fingers in case you didn't know) "That... must be fun. I wish that I had hair on my head.”

Libby laughed quitely and then repeated to the old man what he said in English. He responded by saying, “Yep, I’ve got hair. I’m beginning to lose some of it now but it’s nice while you have it! Hoo hoo! I think you look fine just like you are.”

She interpretd this back to Yoshish for the brown dinosaur and he smiled. Then she suggested that he ask him about his life in the Mushroom Kingdom. “Oh right!” said Yoseph with a little blush. “Thanks! So... how do you like living in the Mushroom Kingdom?”

The old man said, “I enjoy it very much. It’s a magical world that I never even dreamed could exist and the mushroom people are so kind to us. However... it’s just not my world. I miss my people very much. I don’t have a wife and children but I did have close friends and relatives.”

When Yoseph heard this he looked very sad. “I’m sorry about that. Are you going to return soon? And what is your world like?”

The old man leaned back and cleaned his glasses. “Well, I think I’ll answer your second question first because it won’t take as long to answer.” Then he winked at Libby. “I came here from a planet called Earth and in many ways it’s a lot like this world. We have the same blue sky, green grass, deserts, mountains, oceans, and so on.

1. Earth and TMK

“However, this world has some things that are very strange to me. Such as how objects can float in the air in one spot and defy gravity like it’s not even there! And the bottomless pits... I just don’t get it. They don’t make any sense and they’ll kill you instantly! What’s the logic behind that? It’s like some kind of horrible vi—“ he started to say “video game” but then decided against it and finished with “Thing!”

Yoseph sounded a little offended now for some reason. “They’re not that big of a deal. You just jump over them. We're trying to build more bridges.”

“Hmmm... uh-huh. So like I was talking about before, this world has many natural elements like we do but here it’s like they all have faces. Such as the clouds! And if that by itself wasn’t strange enough, there’s also the little fact that you can walk on them! That’s simply impossible on Earth.”

“You can’t walk on clouds in your world?!” Yoseph couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
“No, you would just fall right through! That’s a good thing though, you don’t want to crash an air plane into one of those things.”
Yoseph looked confused. “Well, you can still go through clouds but they’re only solid on the top, except when you jump up through the bottom. But what’s a hair plane?”

The old man quickly replied, “Air plane. It’s an aircraft, heavier than air, that is kept aloft by the aerodynamic forces of air upon its wings and is driven forward by a screw propeller or by other means, as jet propulsion.” When it looked as though he couldn’t understand a word, the old man tried again. “It’s a big flying machine used to carry people and things from one place to another.”

“Oh! I see! Wow.”

“Yep. Now, one of the biggest differences of my world and yours is probably the mushrooms here. We have mushrooms on Earth but... not even close to as big as they are here! Hoo hoo! And they don’t even move around like those freaky Goombas!”


“Oh yes indeed! Our fungi are very few and small compared to the monsters you have here. And speaking of monsters, it seems like all of the creatures of this world can talk! As far as we know, Earth creatures never talk. They might communicate with each other but not with us. Not the turtles or mushrooms or anything.”

“I don’t believe it!” Yoseph blurted out. Libby looked a little surprised herself when she repeated what he said. “So you have a lot of the same things as we do but they don’t act the same? Huh. Oh! Do you have any dinosaurs on this Earth place?”

2. Dinosaurs

The old man sighed. “Yes... we have dinosaurs.” Yoseph cheered but the old man looked unhappy. “We have lots of dinosaurs. But they’re not like the ones here. These ones don’t walk around. Because they’re all dead!”

Yoseph couldn’t believe his mind. He didn’t know what to say. The old man continued, “However, that is one reason why I am very happy to be in this world. Living dinosaurs! Right before my eyes. And not only that but I can talk to them too! I never would have dreamed of something so wild!” He looked at both of the dinos with a wide grin.

Yoseph smiled. “Thanks. I’m glad to meet you too.” Libby interpretd that to English and then asked the old man what caused the dinosaur extinction.

“How did the dinosaurs go extinct? That is one question that people have been trying to figure out for the longest time. We know about dinosaurs because we have found many of their bones, but we don’t have a solid answer right now. The most popular theory I hear about is that collision from outer space. 65 million years ago, an asteroid six miles wide crashed into our planet, causing a large cloud of dust to block the sunlight and kill the plants.” Yoseph closed his eyes and didn’t appear to want to hear this. The old man continued, “The vegetarian dinosaurs which ate these plant could have died from starvation. Then the predatory dinosaurs that eat the other dinosaur would gradually starve too and also die.”

Yoseph now looked both sick and scared. Libby patted Yoseph on the back and asked, “So what about the other animals? How did they survive when the dinosaurs didn’t?”

“How did the dinosaurs survive when the others didn’t? That’s just it! That’s the very problem that frustrates every scientist who tries to understand this event. I tell ya, it really makes no sense at all.” After she repeated this to Yoseph the old man added, “But... I guess it’s not fair to say for sure that all dinosaurs have gone extinct. Some wackos... sorry... people believe that some of them could still walk and live on Earth to this day! Whether it’s a ‘plesiosaur or zeugledon in Loch Ness’ or ‘a pterodactyl in Africa’, I’ve heard the craziest stories from explorers and it makes me laugh.”

“Why?” asked Yoseph. “I would be happy if they were right!”

“Well, me too. But that just doesn’t make sense. Not to mention that it defies scientific reasoning! According to science—which is what we know about life—ALL dinosaurs should be dead and not just some species. That’s just how it goes and you can’t think otherwise.”

“Oh, I see.” He hung his head. “But what if science is wrong in this area? What if no one learns new things because people say that what they think they know is right when it actually isn’t? Like... my Yoshi friends were all afraid of humans because we didn’t know them, but you don’t look scary like we thought.”

The old man thought to himself. “Oh really? Interesting. Yes, you have a good point there, actually. I admit that I do sometimes have trouble being more open-minded. But I think that we can trust science. Anyway... I should stop yapping and let you do some of it. What’s your name and how do you like your island? Is this big creature, Yoshi Zorus, your friend?”

“My name is Yoseph, I like my island, and yes he’s my good friend. But, oh please! Tell me the rest of what you were going to say!”

The old man could see that this eager fellow couldn’t stand to wait, so he gave in to his request. “Ha ha! Okay then, if that’s what tickles your fancy. What was I goint to say again?”

“About how you and the others came here!”

3. Warp Story

“Right!” The old man smiled. “Well... this is kind of a long story but I’ll try to keep it from growing like a nucleus. Many years ago, while I still lived on Earth, I was just sitting in my favorite chair, smoking my pipe and reading some books. I had gone through a lot of science books and I needed a break so I moved on to scientific theory! ‘Search For The Invisible Worlds’ I believe was the book. Anyway, as I came to the end of the eighth chapter and prepared to stop reading soon, that’s when it happened!”

Yoseph looked very excited as Libby repeated the words to him. The old man could see that he wanted to hear the rest so he kept going. “Don’t ask me what it was or how it happened, but soon I heard this real strange noise coming from the basement. It was this eerie echoing sound that started out quiet but then grew louder and louder! My heart nearly stopped there and I was this close to throwing the book out of my hands!”

“What then?!” asked Yoseph, jumping up and down. “I have to know!”

“Ha! You remind me of kids that listen to their grandpa tell a story! Not that I have kids or even a wife but.... As I was saying, this sound grew louder and louder until it was nearly deafening. Suddenly an explosion of blue light flooded the interior of my house and for a few seconds I couldn’t see or hear anything but the light and the sound. If that wasn’t enough, I also felt something sucking me away like a whirlpool out of thin air. Now I felt more afraid than ever!

“When the light faded away and I could see clearly, I knew that something was terribly wrong. I was still sitting in my chair and surrounded by the books around me... but I was outside of my house. But not just outside of my house, but also in this new world! I had warped to another dimension!

“I thought it was all a dream until I noticed the other people around me who looked just as confused as I and also their own certain items around them. All of us were on a large grassy island that was shape like the letter X. Each one, including me, sat or stood on the edge of a large stone pad on this island and were located at equal distances away from each other going all the way around. At the very center of the circular stone structure I noticed some steps lead up to a small platform with a huge cylinder-shaped structure poking out of the top. Covered with sparkling blue crystal!”

“Wow!” Yospeh exclaimed.

4. Pipes

“Yes, that’s just what I thought. And... oh yeah, I should mention that this structure was something called a warp pipe, but most of them are green. And that sound I heard in my home was the sound you hear when you jump up or down one of these pipes.” Then he immitated the sound as good as he could. “Wahp! Wahp! Wahp!”

“Woah! How did you do that?! And what is a pipe?” asked Yoseph.

“How do I make that noise? Oh... that’s nothing. Just a lame trick I figured out while I was bored. But you don’t know what a pipe is? Don’t you have any warp pipes on Yoshi’s Island?” He shook his head. “That’s very unusual in this world. This place is like a plumber’s worst nightmare! But I suppose your island is the exception?”

Libby repeated his words again and Yoseph looked confused. She told her friend that she had to say something and then explained to the man, “I have seen these structures before but never used them. No one knows who built those things or how. Do you know?"

The old man didn't know either. However, he did explain to Yoseph how a warp pipe works and the way it can take someone to secret underground chambers or even to other worlds if you got lucky. Then he said, “So that’s what they are and the way you can ‘put that in your pipe and warp it.’ Heh heh! Anyway, we stood around this place and no one seemed to have a clue what happened or why. But we soon realized that it was because of one man and his family that all of us had come here by mistake.

“The man said he regretted that we had fallen here with them and that he was the one responsible for it happening. He stated that it was all a big mistake. He meant to go to a different world in a machine he created for dimension travel and wound up here. There were two problems in this situation. First, the machine had stayed on Earth while they came so it basically just shot them here like a cannon. Second, and even worse, his two young daughters had come with him by accident when the machine malfunctioned!”

“Oh no!”

“Exactly. There was a third problem too. We figured out that the shiny pipe on the platform had taken us here, but no matter who tried to jump down it or how often, we would come right back out again in the same area! We were trapped here with no idea how to return. We asked this man, Brock, if he knew what to do, but he said that he sadly didn’t. He intended to come here with his son, the first and oldest of the three children, in order to find his wife who he thought had vanished in the first other dimension.”

Libby suddenly began to act really strange. She interpretd his words as fast as she could to Yoseph and then turned back to the old man. “Aahh! Sir! I have to tell you this! Several years ago I saw a woman in the Mushroom Kingdom and she was here ALL BY HERSELF! She came to our island, I spent time with her, and after I learned English she told me that she was looking for a way TO RETURN BACK TO HER OWN PLANET!!”

“WHAT NOW?! REALLY?! What did she look like?!”

Libby explained her appearance and the old man leaned forwards. “That has to be her! This is amazing. You must be the Yoshi that the mushroom people talk about in their story of this woman! I can’t believe it! Do you know what happened to her?”

“No, I’m so sorry. She jumped down a pipe and told me not to follow her because she was going to find the way home.”

The old man slowly leaned back again and frowned. “Oh dear. We may never know where she is now.” Libby apologized but the man was quick not to blame. “No, it’s not your fault, child. I’m just disappointed. Brock spent many years searching for her in Mushroom World with no success, and before long he also lost his two daughters and son.”

Yoseph mourned, “No! Not them too!”

“Settle down, son. They disappeared but probably didn’t die. We don’t know what happened to them and it’s another long story. But anyway, the worst part is that we can’t tell Brock about this girl Rose because not long ago that royal pain King Koopa attacked us. The Koopas kidnapped some of the humans and mushroom people, including him! So... now his entire family is lost and I’m sure it will take a miracle to find them all.”

The old man looked at Yoseph and could tell he looked disappointed. So he added, “But I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow if I can. And your first question too about my return to Earth. I didn’t forget about that. Would you be able to do this for him again, child? Interpret?”

Libby hesistated. “Uh... sure... I guess. We’ll see.”

The old man adjusted his glasses and smiled again. “Good, good. But right now I think that I really do need to go to bed before I fall asleep on this hill!”

Yoseph sighed. “Oh man! Well... okay. Thank you for talking with me, Dr. ... uh... oh I forgot your name! Wait... I didn’t even ask you your name! Heh... what is it?”

“Ha ha ha! I knew I forgot to tell you something.” The old man stood to his feet and shook the two Yoshies’ hands. “My name is professor Elvin Gadd, but feel free to call me E. Gadd. My friend always do. Wellp, I really am tired now so I think I’ll go to bed before I fall asleep right now and roll down this hill! Good night!”

Yoseph and Libby said good night to each other and yawned while the professor walked away and whistled the Dr. Mario “Fever” song. Yoseph who had felt so worried about his unconscious friend Yoshi and everything else, now had new hope for tomorrow. He looked back, smiled, and then walked back home eager for tomorrow.

{Remainder of the NES Dr. Mario “Fever” song before the chorus} To Be Continued...
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