Many FaithWriters members are familiar with Jan Ackerson, one of the winningest Writing Challenge writers, an editor extraordinaire, and all-around excellent writer.

Have you checked out the lessons she teaches over on the FaithWriters forums? She covers everything from point of view to characterization to dealing with criticism, and much more. And this week’s lesson is not only full of wisdom for writers – but it is a lesson in brevity itself.

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Jan’s post shares bits of writing advice – whether from her, other FaithWriters members, or professional/ famous writers – and each bit of advice is 15 words or less. Talk about succinct! From Never use a long word where a short one will do. (George Orwell) to Learn the rules before you break the rules. (Jan herself) to Write, write, write. You can edit later. (FaithWriter Helen Paynter) there is something for everyone to learn. And she is inviting you to add your own succinct writing advice as well – just be sure to keep it to 15 words or less.

Also – is there something you want to know about writing that Jan hasn’t already covered? She is always looking for non-grammar related topics to cover. Share your ideas and needs in the comments, as well.

Feel free to peruse and comment on old lessons – and watch for a new one just about every Saturday. Take advantage of this free feature of FaithWriters!

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