Lookin9781498416016_medg for inspiration? A great read? The testimonies of 50 different FaithWriters members? Look no further!

Trials and Triumphs II, Rooted and Grounded in Love, is now available for purchase through Xulon Press. This book features fifty personal and inspiring testimonies from FaithWriters members around the world. Longtime members like CD Swanson, Sheldon Bass, and Lynn Gipson. Former Page Turner finalists like Dannie Hawley and Kevin Ingram. AND several dozen more members of FaithWriters. Check out this page to see if your favorite FWer is in the book!

Support your fellow FaithWriters members and purchase this book – you will be blessed, and so will they!

NOTE: If your story is in this book, you can obtain copies to hand out at a nice discount. You must contact [email protected] right away if interested.
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