In a week and a half, the winners of FaithWriters and Breath of Fresh Air Press‘s 2014 Nonfiction Page Turner will be announced. And as we wait, the lovely judges have whittled the 45 entries down to a top 15. Who are they, and how was the process? I think I’ll let the lovely Deb Porter tell you (from this post on the FaithWriters forums).

“Once again, it has been a privilege to see such heartfelt entries in the 2014 Non-Fiction Page Turner Contest. To everyone who entered, thank you for sharing your hearts, experience and wisdom through your writing. I have laughed with you, cried with you, and cheered you on–every single one of you, whether you made it into the top contenders list or not.

But now, with all 45 entries read and rated, we have our top 15 Finalists (and I will sleep well tonight!).

Please note, the list is in alphabetical order only.

Once again, the competition this year was quite impressive. There were other entries that just missed out making it into the Top 15. In most cases, this was due to the entries listed below being just a little stronger at this point in time. (So if your entry is not in the list, don’t be discouraged. You have taken a big step by preparing your entry and submitting it for this contest.)

Anyway, here are the Top 15 Finalists (in alphabetical order) for the 2014 Non-Fiction Page Turner Contest:

Altared Egos by Gail Raynor
Blessings from Italy by Milly Born
Doing the Stuff by Jennifer Dawn Dexter
Glimmers of God by Rebecca Real
God Is Who He Says He Is: Knowing God through the Valley by Stacie Snell
Hospitality – The Open Arms of God by Brenda Shipman
Lords Hill – A Place Only God Could Save Me From by Colleen Bruce
Piles of Stones by Debbie Roome
She Loved Sugar and I Love Salt by Francie Snell
Surprise in the Suitcase by Brenda K. Blakely
Teen Challenge – Repairer of Broken Walls by Leola Ogle
The Rock ‘N Tree Ranch by Nancy K. Sullivan
Unmerited Blame by Michelle Mitchell
Walk a Mile in Her Shoes by Lori Dixon
Your Home is Not Your Castle by Lillian Rhoades

Congratulations to you all.”

Congratulations indeed – and watch for the winners to be announced on Monday, December 1 (what are the prizes? Check this post for details).

Super Job, FaithWriters!!

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