Did you know that there are several books in the FaithWriters bookstore that you can read for free? All you need to do is promise to write an honest review of it when you are done reading, and it’s yours! There are some quality books over there. And now, FaithWriters has added an additional incentive to get you reading, and reviewing, the books of your fellow FWers!

Later this year, $250 in prizes will be awarded to readers in the Free Reads for Reviews program

All members are eligible to participate. You read books, right? Make your next read a newly released Christian book that you can read for FREE! If you haven’t yet checked out our “Free Reads for Reviews” program, you don’t know what you’re missing! There are over thirty great books currently in this program. View the list and information on the program by clicking here.

The contest started January 1st and will end at midnight June 30th. All you need to do is request, read, and review books in the program. Each review you complete will enter your name into the drawing one time. Reading and reviewing more books in the Free Reads for Reviews program increases your chances. There is no limit to the number of times your name can be entered.

IMPORTANT: With each book you read and review, simply send an email with the book title, copy of the review, and location of the review (url of the page) to [email protected] You will receive an auto-reply of receipt. Reviews do not need to be lengthy but should be a reasonable review, not one or two lines. A positive review is not required, but an honest one is. If the book is on Amazon, the preferred place for the review is on Amazon. You do not need to purchase the book on Amazon to review it there. If you have purchased anything on Amazon before and have an account they will allow you to write a review.

And the prizes? First Place: The member who reads and reviews the most books in the six month period will win $150.00. Second Place: There will be a drawing of names from the balance of members who submitted reviews. The selected name will win $100.

Make a commitment like Mike and Bea have done to read books in this program occasionally. You will not be disappointed. Plus, you are sowing good seeds for when your book need reviews while you help and encourage fellow writers.

And if you would like to have your book involved in the Free Reads for Reviews Program, learn more details here.

What’s the first book you’ll read and review?

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