Now that the God Speaks Blog Contest Winners have been announced, it’s time to move on to the next contest – and this one can directly benefit FaithWriters AND its members (even if you don’t win!).

The latest contest, called “Christian Books,” aims to increase the use of the FaithWriters book store (, both by authors and readers. Not only can you purchase books by FaithWriters members, but you can also buy  Christian books from Amazon through the site – and your purchase will help support FaithWriters and spread the gospel! And if you have a book to sell, the FaithWriters bookstore is a great way to reach the folks – with 400,000 page views per month, that’s a lot of attention!

So, what do you have to do? In summary, write a 750-word or less article, with a catchy headline and at least three keyword links, answering the following two questions:

Why should I purchase Christian books and Bibles at FaithWriters? and Why should I sell my Christian book at FaithWriters?

Be sure to read the directions for submitting to this contest (start here, and once you’ve read that, check out this post on the boards), and follow them closely.

And why enter? Well, besides benefiting FaithWriters, helping share the gospel, and possibly increasing sales on any book you might have in the FaithWriters bookstore, there are, of course, prizes.

First place for  Gold or Platinum members: $75.00 plus posting of the article on 100 Christian Blogs.
Second place for  Gold or Platinum members: $50.00
Best Silver entry: $25.00

The deadline for entries is July 30, or until 25 entries are submitted.

So – get busy on that entry!


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