The summer quarter of the FaithWriters Writing Challenge is well under way, and writers, and judges, are HUNGRY for new entries!

We’re in the middle of a food-themed challenge quarter, with topics from picnic to diet to banquet. And this week, the topic is GROCERIES. We all have experience with them, don’t we? So why don’t you join the fun!

Write a piece – fiction, nonfiction, poetry – with groceries as the topic. Anything original (i.e. nothing you’ve already written) between 150 and 750 words and with a Christian worldview is acceptable. But don’t wait too long: the deadline for this week’s challenge is Thursday,August 23 at 9:59 AM ET.

Want a bit of feedback before you enter your piece? Join a buddy group: the buddy groups forum is here.

Once you enter (or before!), give some of the past entries a read. Click here to comment on last week’s Challenge entries – the topic was Banquet. (and after Thursday at 10, the Groceries entries will be there as well!)

Stop by the boards to talk about the challenge.

Be sure not to share your title, or entry, with others (except your buddy group) – the challenge is meant to be anonymous so judging will be fair. But once the judges are done rating the entries, you can let others know which entry is yours by sharing a link to your entry (we call them bricks) on the Brick throwing post on the boards, which will be here some time after Thursday. For now, you can stop by there and comment on some of the Banquet entries – or earlier ones, if you’d like!

You need to be a Gold or Platinum member to enter the Writing Challenge. Click here to upgrade from Silver membership. (But anyone can comment – and there are some wonderful reads – I guarantee!)

Sound like fun? Join us for the challenge this week.

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