Just a note to all FaithWriters members who get the private messenger service through the site (separate from the message boards PM): a message was sent last week with information on a poll we are asking you to respond to. Please check out that message – and vote in the poll – and leave a comment there if you wish. The information gathered in this poll has the potential to lead to many writing jobs for FaithWriters members. Thanks!

One of the perks of entering the FaithWriters Writing Challenge is the knowledge that the top ten entries will be published in a quarterly anthology. Some have been waiting a while for these to restart publishing.

Well, the wait is nearly over.

Deb Porter is working on contacting the authors of what will be the Hobbies/Pastimes FaithWriters anthology – those who got an Editors Choice placing during the Challenge quarter that ran from January through March of 2007.

The list of names for this book are below.

Allison Egley
Amy Michelle Wiley
Ann Grover
April Bailey
Beth LaBuff
Beth Muehlhausen
Betty Castleberry
Casie May Payne
Cassie Memmer
Cindy Yarger
Corinne Smelker
David Story
Debbie Roome
Debora Dyess
Dolores Stohler
Elaine Taylor
Elizabeth Baize
Erin Brannan
Gregory Kane
Helen Paynter
Holly Jensen
James Clem
Jan Ackerson
Janet Rubin
Joanne Malley
Joe Hodson
Karen Elengikal
Kenn Allan
Larry Elliott
Laurie Glass
Linda Germain
Linda Watson Owen
Lori Othouse
Lydia Pate
Marilee Alvey
Melanie Kerr
Mid Stutsman
Mo L
Myrna Noyes
Nathan Fleetwood
Pat Guy
P.J. Worthington
Sally Hanan
Sandra Petersen
Stephanie Bullad
Tammy Bovee
Teri Wilson
Tim Chezum
Verna Cole Mitchell
Virginia Lutz
William Price

If you are on the list and a current member, please make sure your contact details at FaithWriters are up to date.

If you are in contact with a member who is not currently active, please ask them to make sure their contact details are up to date.

Although you may have completed a release form for the Challenge with FaithWriters, Deb will be contacting you with an agreement/release form for Breath of Fresh Air Press. You simply need to print it off, complete it, then either post or scan and email it back to the address on that form.

Every author will then receive an edited version of their article (or unedited if it’s fine as it is). The author will be required to approve the edits and reply by email. At that time, we will also ask for a very short (one to two sentence only) bio note. (The old bio notes were taking up pages; this time we want them to run at the bottom of each article.)

Once Deb has that information back, publishing the book will be the next step.

For those who are in a newer Challenge, don’t worry. Deb is planning to mix things up. We’ll have an old one and then a newer one, and keep it like that until the two halves meet.

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