Those of you who are challenge devotees probably noticed that we had a no-challenge week this past week that we weren’t expecting. But never fear, the Writing Challenge will be back tomorrow with a new topic.

A lot of people were struggling with the computer-related topics, and because of this, that theme has been cut short. Starting tomorrow, the challenge will be back (with non-tech topics), but with a WEEKLY format, as it used to be, rather than a two-week opportunity. We will still continue with the buddy groups, which have been very helpful in helping folks improve their skills.

For clarity, in the words of FaithWriters’ extraordinary Deb Porter:

I cut this theme [computer-related] short because it did seem to scare a lot of people off (although this is always the worst time of year for the Challenge). It really surprised me just how much people were put off by the topics because they were all things that everyone on-line has some connection with. For example, the social media challenge could have been about the fellowship found in the forums. But it was very obvious people were nervous about the topics, and so I decided to scrap it. Although we want the Challenge to be a challenge, there’s no point flogging a dead horse.

…After talking to Scott [Lindsay – the guy behind FaithWriters], we’ve decided to reverse things back to the old weekly format for the Challenge, for a couple of reasons. However, I probably will only run it for nine weeks at a time, instead of ten. Everyone has to be able to catch their breath now and then. :D

We will DEFINITELY still be encouraging Buddy Groups as these are highly valuable for helping members develop their skills, but it will mean a much shorter time frame to work with.

And we will stick with Brick Throwing time rather than hinting, but that will start as soon as judging is finished.

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