Nancy Bucca is not only a FaithWriters member who has placed in the Weekly Writing Challenge, she is a mother of four, a free lance artist, and a writer and cartoonist specializing in humorous skits, plays, and children’s stories. Join me in getting to know Nancy. 
LYNDA: Share a little about yourself and your Christian testimony
NANCY: I grew up in Wheaton, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago). The youngest of two sisters from an intact family, I had an ordinary evangelical Protestant upbringing complete with Sunday school, confirmation etc. Didn’t give it much thought until the age of 13 when I accepted Christ for the first time, then spent most of my time after that trying to earn my salvation. It’s not as if I didn’t know the scripture “by grace are ye saved,” but it didn’t click until about fifteen years ago when I got really desperate for God and cried out for help. At that time there was a mighty move of God’s Spirit in the church I was attending and I got thoroughly soaked in it. My eyes were opened, I got the revelation, and I’ve never been the same since.
LYNDA: When did you start writing?
NANCY: My writing career actually began in childhood with the silly kind of stories I would never show a teacher. “Higher education” and term papers killed most of my enthusiasm for it, but little by little God revived it to reflect more of His heart so that now my silly stories have meaning. Most of this “writing revival” has taken place within the last five or ten years. He inspires the ideas; I just try to roll with them.
LYNDA: You are also an artist/cartoonist. Tell us about that.
NANCY:  As far as artwork/cartooning goes, I’ve been an artist from as far back as I can remember. It’s one of those “natural” abilities I inherited from my dad’s dad, who made art his life’s work. My particular talent actually “clicked in” around the age of ten when it suddenly occured to me how to draw realistic portraits. Whole body figures are more difficult for me than faces, so with cartoons I’m forced to stretch myself. The great thing about cartoons, though, is they combine two art forms: writing and drawing. And drawing pictures actually helps with the story line, enabling you to see more easily what fits and what doesn’t. Cartoons have always been a great form of comic relief for me in the midst of a stressful world. I love to write cartoons and gospel tracts that poke fun at “baditudes” and make people laugh. Bible characters are a favorite source of inspiration.
LYNDA: What do you love about FaithWriters?
NANCY: Ah, now for my favorite question: what I love about Faithwriters. There are so many things, actually. But perhaps it’s all summed up in the idea that Faithwriters is one of the best places to meet other writers of faith. You not only meet new friends, you get lots of encouraging feedback and motivation to improve your writing – if you take advantage of the different opportunities made available to you. The best part in that regard is the whole give-and-take aspect of it. Not only can you get feedback on your own work, but there is are plenty of chances to give feedback to others. Especially with (but not by any means limited to) the weekly writing challenge. I’ve been amazed at all the unique ways in which people will tackle a topic. It gives new meaning to the idea of being “fearfully and wonderfully made.”
LYNDA: Do you have a favorite Challenge entry you’ve entered? Why is it special to you?
NANCY: My favorite challenge has got to be the one on Rumors/Gossip. The moment I saw it I thought, “Now here’s one I’ve studied and know quite well.” It was almost too easy to write because of everything the Lord had been showing me over the past several years about Jezebel, spiritual witchcraft, and being drawn into one-sided conversations (especially on the phone) about people I knew nothing about. I won’t get into specifics here, just suffice it to say it was a topic I felt more than “qualified” to write on. Sure enough, it got me out of beginners. But that was just an added plus. It helps to write on a topics you know something about.
LYNDA: Take a moment to brag on your family.
NANCY: As far as I’m concerned, I’ve got the best family in the world. Not only did I have a wonderful Christian upbringing (thanks, Mom and Dad!), I have a wonderful husband to whom I’ve been married for 26 years. He works for a fence company selling decks, iron products, pavers and, occasionally, a fence. He also plays keyboard at our church. Together we have four amazing children. Justin, the oldest, is a math genius who works for a computer firm. Angelina, the preacher, is graduating this May from Southeastern University in Florida with a degree in theology. Then there’s our multi-talented Nadine, who’s wrapping up her first year at Community College. She excels in making pottery and doing pretty much anything she sets her mind to. The youngest, Maria, is a high school freshman destined for Julliard. She excels in playing piano and violin. They’re all real smart, and I’m blessed to have them.
LYNDA: Do you have any unique hobbies or interests?
NANCY: I don’t know how unique or unusual this interest is, but I do have a passion for anything that has to do with divine healing. I see it all throughout the Bible, from Abraham praying for Abimelech’s household to Peter and John raising the cripple. I am convinced that Jesus wants His body whole. I mean, can you imagine Him coming back for a sick, limping bride? Well, neither can I. That’s why I love praying for the sick and seeing them healed – not only in their bodies, but in their souls. Because as far as I’m concerned, going to heaven is all about being made whole, which is why Jesus died for us – to save us from the fever that lasts forever (an original quote, as far as I know).
Riding horses is fun too, but I don’t get to do it that often.
LYNDA: What are your writing goals for the future?
NANCY: As far as my writing goals are concerned, I’m currently working on a novel for the page turner contest. (Okay, so they’ll know to expect my entry, but hopefully they won’t know which one it is). But whether or not I win, the contest itself has spurred me on to finish the book (which is turning out to be far longer than expected). Beyond that I have several more books planned for the series which I hope to finish and publish sometime before the Lord’s return (which I believe may be sooner than we think).
LYNDA: Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, Nancy. And best of luck to you in the Page Turner contest!
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