You know what day it is…BLACK FRIDAY. In fact, many of you are probably out right now, tackling people to the ground for that amazing deal. Me? I’d much rather be at home in my jammies, shopping from the comfort of my recliner.

Today I thought it would be fun to present you with a writing challenge. The challenge is to write a poem about holiday shopping. Your poem can rhyme or not, be silly or serious, long or short, but it needs to focus on holiday shopping in some way.

A few years ago I wrote this poem for a blog I contributed to at the time. Enjoy my contribution:

Tis the morn after Thanksgiving
and all through the house
not a child is stirring,
not even my spouse.

I sit at the counter
and scan through the ads
Hmmm. Do I dare?
Or am I raving mad?

I pour me some coffee
then write a quick list
the sales are too good–
I just cannot resist!

I turn out the light
and slip out the door
if I hurry, I’ll make it
to Penneys by four.

When I get there, the lot
is already packed.
I am faced with the truth…
I really am quacked.

The people are pressed
at the entrance like rats
they push and they shove,

There is nowhere to park
except miles away.
Whatever possessed me
to come shopping today?

Inside, there’s no greeter
or warm friendly smiles,
clothing and toys
lay strewn ‘cross the aisles.

Employees are wide-eyed
and red-faced with stress
while shoppers grab items
like mad-men, obsessed.

I get stepped on and poked
as I push my way through
if I stay in this lunacy,
I’ll leave black-and-blue!

I search for the items
written down on my list
NOT ONE is available?
I begin to get pis–

But wait! A Wii Fit
sits alone on display.
Just maybe it WILL
be my lucky day!

I lunge and reach forward,
take it right off the stand
then somebody snatches it
right out of my hand.

“OW!” A sharp elbow
connects with my ear.
That’s it! I can’t take it-
I’m so out of here!

As fast as I can
through that lunatic throng
I fight tears and press on.
I have to stay strong.

A million hours later,
I burst through the doors
with nothing to show for my efforts
but sores.

I slowly limp back through the lot
to my van,
and come up with another,
much safer, plan.

Back home, with my family
still snoozing in bed,
visions of elbows
still dance through my head.

I swallow some asprin
and sit down in my chair,
fire up the computer
to do my shopping from there.

The morn after Thanksgiving
is supposed to be fun
but instead it turned into
a dangerous one.

So what about you?
Will you dare to go out?
Or are you shopping online…
the much SAFER route?

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