Writers have the privilege of writing wherever they feel like writing.  Well, if they have a laptop or prefer writing by hand, anyway. A desktop computer would be pretty hard to lug around. Here are three of my favorite places to write:

Outside – Sitting outside on the deck or under a giant shade tree, with the gentle breeze blowing through my hair, does wonders to boost my inspiration. And bonus: The beautiful outdoors also gives me a wonderful appreciation for my Creator!

Comfy Green Recliner– Most of the time, you’ll find me sitting in my favorite living room recliner with my laptop. Here is where I do most of my freelance work and also pound out words on my latest novel.

The Kitchen Counter – There’s something about being in my bright kitchen that sparks my desire to write. Or maybe it’s that I’m that much closer to the refrigerator. Nothing like a little chocolate to release those creative brain cells!

What about you? Where do you like to write?

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