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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

Attention Christian Writers - Contests Below Closed
Watch For More Next Year!

FaithWriters and Xulon Press
Awarding Publishing Packages in 2014

FaithWriters members still receive up to a 10% discount off Xulons current best price. Go HERE and download a publishers guide. Find the current best Xulon sale price and you get the FaithWriters discount too. The Platinum member discount is 10% and the Gold member discount is 5%. Xulon offers interest free financing so you can publish your book now.

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FaithWriters will be awarding members three comprehensive Xulon publishing packages as prizes in our 2014 contests. These are Xulon's Best Seller packages. Two of these will go to individual writers and one will go to 50 combined Gold and Platinum members who enter their personal testimony. Learn more about Joining FaithWriters so you can use all of our tools to improve as a Christian writer and be eligible to enter these and all other writing contests we offer. To learn more about the Xulon packages GO HERE to a special page set up for FaithWriters members, request their free publishing guide and then view their entire site including the Best Seller Package and all they have to offer.

If you are already a member of FaithWriters and have firmly decided on self-publishing your work over taking the traditional route (How to Publish), you are strongly encouraged to enter all of these contests, as the Xulon prize package will be very beneficial to you. Platinum members can enter contests, Gold members can enter number two and three. Silver members can enter number three. If you are not yet an upgraded member, this is the perfect reason to upgrade your membership. Contest guidelines are below.

READY TO PUBLISH NOW? MEMBERS RECEIVE A DISCOUNT ON XULON PACKAGES. SAVE POTENTIALLY HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS over the cost of your FaithWriters membership! FaithWriters members receive DISCOUNTS of up to 10% off Xulons best advertised price. Platinum members receive a 10% discount. Gold receive a 5% discount. Current Gold and Platinum members should go HERE and request information on a Xulon Package. When you are contacted make sure to tell them you are an upgraded FaithWriters member and want the appropriate discount. If you are not a Gold or Platinum member you can Join or Upgrade Here. When you are done signing up for FaithWriters you can come back and contact Xulon by requesting information HERE.

Newest Contest - Raffle to Win Xulon Publishing Package

Platinum members can enter all three contests, Gold two and three.
Third contest open to all FaithWriters members, free and upgraded.

1) CHRISTIAN FICTION with a sound biblical message (Platinum Members Only)
Prefer a non-fiction contest with publication? The Page Turner non-fiction contest can be found HERE.

If you have completed or have an idea for a fiction manuscript with a sound underlying Biblical message, this contest is for you. Simply submit at least the first chapter by November 30, 2014. One entry will be chosen, and the winner will receive:

1. Xulon's Best Seller Package

2. Free premium publicity and marketing of the completed book on all FaithWriters’ sites

Guidelines and terms for submissions:

1. Open only to Platinum members of FaithWriters.com. To remain eligible, you must be Platinum member at the time of submission, and remain so for at least one year, as members agree to upon sign up.

2. Only one entry permitted per FaithWriters Platinum member. Join or Upgrade

3. Submit your manuscript as a Word document (Word.doc)

4. List your name, member number, email address, and phone number at the top of the first page.

5. Submit the first chapter only

6. Manuscript should be edited by you upon submission. Making your submission shine for the judges can help tremendously. A good idea for a book can become a great idea if properly written and edited. Take the time and do it right. IF YOU ARE SELECTED AS THE WINNER: It will be your full responsibility to make sure your finished work is thoroughly edited and to complete the entire manuscript, working with Xulon Press directly until the book is published.

7. Include a clear explanation of the message/teaching.

8. Submit a basic synopsis/outline of the planned book with your entry. Include your target audience and why this book should be published.

9. Deadline November 30th, 2014. Winner will be announced as soon as the judges have come to a decision.

10. Submit ONLY to the specified email address using the link below.

11. Manuscript must not have been previously published in book form (print or e-book).

12. Must be the sole creation of the FaithWriters member.

13. Entry will be judged on the potential impact, the timeliness of the message, and the writer’s ability to catch and hold a reader's attention.

14. The author retains the full rights to their manuscript.

Before submitting make sure your name, member number, email address, and phone number are at the top of the first page.

Our fiction contest winner is Ennis Smith for The Walking Dead.

End Guidelines for Fiction Contest

2) TESTIMONY CONTEST Second Year- for 50 Selected Gold and Platinum Members

If you have a great testimony this contest is for you. The submission deadline is September 15th, 2014. You must be a Gold or Platinum member to submit. Join or Upgrade You can now submit a different version of your testimony for consideration even if your story made the Trials and Triumphs book.

Our target audience

Unbelievers who may be struggling and seeking answers. Believers who are struggling and doubting their faith. People who may be tempted to walk away from the faith due to circumstances. To seek the lost and encourage the found. To inspire and give hope to every reader.

Contest details

Truth is one of the most important factors of this contest. The stories we are seeking must be real, about you. Testimonies should be written about your experience and from your heart. The book will be divided into two sections. The first section, “Coming to Faith,” will contain initial faith testimonies from members, relaying personal accounts of how they came to faith in Christ. In the second section, “Faith Under Fire,” we are looking for testimonials from members who have faced or are facing extraordinary odds, yet maintain(ed) their faith in Christ.

We want honest stories that open the heart and speak to the spirit. Your desire should be to touch the soul of the reader and help them discover their need for a relationship with Christ, while at the same time encouraging the believer who doubts because of their circumstances. The stories should be personal, filled with emotion and drama. Create vivid images by using the five senses, “showing,” not “telling” your story. The more transparent and honest you can be, the better, while keeping in mind that this is a book for everyone. Genuine, heart-wrenching disclosure is felt by the spirit of the reader. It changes the atmosphere in a relationship. We want the reader to be able to relate on a deeper level. Do not let the fear of man (what will they think of me?) cover up the truth. Tell the truth so all will know for a fact that salvation is not about our works. Show readers exactly why we need a savior. Tell them it is all about Jesus.

Stories must be written in the first person (“I”, versus “he” or “him”) and have a beginning, middle, and ending. Your message should convey why you initially came to Jesus, or why you still trust in Jesus despite your circumstances. Make us all feel more hopeful, more connected, more thankful, or more passionate to have Jesus in our life, while encouraging new seekers to step out in faith. Let us see the peace that passes all understanding. The peace that only Christ can offer in the middle of the storm.

The style or tone of your testimony can be exciting, dramatic, sad, or funny. Tell us why you still hold fast, in spite of difficult or overwhelming trials. Make the reader cry, laugh, or get goose bumps. Don’t leave anything out, describing not only the details, but also how it made you feel.

The story should start with action designed to quickly capture the reader. It could start with a problem, issue or situation. Make sure that you introduce the character(s). Include dialogue, and express your feelings and emotion through your trials. It should end in victory from your standpoint. Even if things are not yet perfect in your circumstances, things are okay with your soul. Where would you go if not to Christ? This is all about the emotions and feelings experienced. Again, relate to all five senses if possible. Above all, let it come from the HEART! Your story is important!


a) A sermon, an essay.

b) A dry non-engaging story.

Our Strong Suggestion

Keep God first and pray as you write and consider these verses:

And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death. (Rev 12:11 ESV)

And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. (Mark 16:15 ESV)

Story Specifications

1. Only one entry per member

2. Personal testimony stories of how you came to faith in Jesus or why you keep the faith despite circumstances (Poems will be accepted for consideration).

3. Must be non-fiction

4. Must be submitted as a Word Document

5. At the top of your entry, note which section you are submitting to for consideration: “Coming to Faith” or “Faith Under Fire,” and include your name, member ID number, email address and phone number.

6. Word count up to 1,200 words.

7. Submissions must be about you personally (no testimonies of third parties this year).

8. Your testimony on coming to Christ or keeping the faith despite circumstances should be written in first person.

9. You must include a title.

10. Entries should be essentially pre-edited by you to be easily readable and properly formatted. At this stage, it is not necessary to have a final edit done. If your story is selected, you will be required to have a final edit done and FaithWriters will make available editing from fellow members at a very reasonable cost. We must insist that you use one of these editors for your final edit to assure uniformity within the completed book. Cost per edit should range from $10 to $15 for a testimony.

11. Be sure to keep a copy of your testimony, as entries will not be returned.

12. Please submit only stories that have not been previously published in a publication with a large circulation. Items previously posted on FaithWriters, your personal blog, or smaller venues are acceptable. However, you must still hold full rights to your story in regards to publication. Articles where you have signed over your rights cannot be submitted. In that case, you would need to rewrite the article from a different perspective or with a fresh slant.

If you submitted and were not accepted for the Trials and Triumphs book, we urge you to rework your story and resubmit.

13. If your entry is selected to be published by us, you will be paid a percentage of any royalties received from the sale of the book. This percentage is projected to be based on 80% of the net proceeds FaithWriters receives, divided by the number of articles included in this book. FaithWriters will receive all royalties and pay authors either semi-annually or annually, as we determine necessary. FaithWriters retains the right to adjust this formula for calculating royalties if deemed necessary.

14. There will be testimonies from 50 FaithWriters members published in this book. That number could change, depending on the average length of submissions, and if sponsors deem necessary.

15. Xulon Press will be publishing this book upon completion of the contest and selection of the winners. The finished book size will be roughly 5.5 X 8.5

16. Selected authors will be required to participate in a blogging campaign to help promote the book once it is published.

17. Deadline: September 15th, 2014 at 11 PM.


By submitting your testimony, you agree to the following:

I represent that I am a Gold or Platinum member at FaithWriters, this is my true personal testimony and I am the author of the material I am submitting. It is under my full control for submission to this contest. I understand that I am giving FaithWriters and Xulon Press permission to publish my entry if selected. I agree that no other form of consent will be required by me to publish this work in the resulting book. I also agree that FaithWriters and Xulon Press can use my entry if needed, to promote the book in any way they deem necessary. This may be on either website or in any form of advertising and promotion.

Make sure these are directly on your word document before submitting: Note which section you are submitting to for consideration: “Coming to Faith” or “Faith Under Fire,” and include your name, member ID number, email address and phone number.

Agreeing fully to the terms for submission, are you ready to submit to the testimony contest for Gold and Platinum members?

The Submission Period For The Testimony Contest Is Now Closed.
In Judging - Winners Will Be Emailed and Posted on Site.
End Guidelines for Testimony Contest

Looking For A Non-Fiction Contest?
Click Banner For Our 8th Annual Page Turner.

Retail value of $4,383.00 - Open to all FaithWriters members, free and upgraded.

For our newest contest, we are holding an old-fashioned raffle with a hi-tech touch. The entry period starts 8/1/14 and ends at 12:00 noon New York time 11/30/14. There is no purchase required, and you could win a Xulon Publishing Package ($4,383.00 Retail Value) to be used for any type of Christian book you desire. All FaithWriters members are eligible to enter and there are over thirty-five things you can do on the site to increase your chances of winning. Don't let the number of options scare you; we just want everyone to be able to find something they can accomplish easily. There is something for everyone and only one required option. Those who enter must join FaithWriters as a Free Silver or as an upgraded member. Learn more about FaithWriters from the animated banner below. Click on it for more information.

Once you are at least a Silver member, you may just want to do the basics and claim your credit as a member in general and Like Us on Facebook and receive eight entries total. Those who really want to raise their chances of winning, may complete more or all of the easy tasks over the next few months. Each credit is another chance to win and if you are an active member already, you are already doing many of these items so make sure you take the entry credits for them. It is totally up to you how much you want to do. You should also check back here frequently as we may add additional ways to earn entry credits.

To enter, click on ENTER TO WIN on the widget below, enter your name and email address for tracking purposes and learn about all of the things you can do to earn entry credits. Each task has the number of entry credits you will earn clearly posted next to it. Every entry credit you gain will improve your chances to win. There is no limit to the number of entry credits you can build up. When this contest closes, winners will be drawn randomly from all of the entries.

Tips: How to copy and paste a website url and How to find my member number.

Very Important: As you complete each task, You can easily come back to the widget on this page by clicking on the link in the appropriate banner of our rotating site header. Once here log into the widget with the same email address everytime and click on the item you completed to get your entry credits. Notice that tasks like article submission and others require proof of their completion by submitting the article URL or other information in the required box. Do not forget to hit enter when claiming entry credits. Make sure to use the same email address every time so you will receive proper credit. Make sure to click on the tab of terms and conditions on the face of the widget and read the fully. If selected as a winner, all tasks claimed as completed will be verified before the appropriate prize will be awarded. If it is discovered that credits were taken without the task being completed or the intent of the task being circumvented, said person will be disqualified and a new person will be drawn for that position.

First click on the Terms and Conditions tab on the widget below to read. Then click Enter to Win and get started. If you have any questions after fully reading the contest details, email Michael at FaithWriters. Is the counter working properly? Yes, Click Here For Details

Raffle entries now in review - Results posted on site 12-07-14 or sooner.

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