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Name: Marty Wellington 
Website: thebeginningofwonder.blogspot.com/
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Articles written: 84

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Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
06/29/14 Listening to the Savior's Heartbeat 157 Not For Sale
08/30/07 Who Me? Afraid of a little water? Nah 626 Free to Share
12/18/06 The Last Hold Out 654 Free to Share
07/27/06 The Silly Walk of Leopold McDougal 709 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
08/27/15 The Misplaced Compass
05/07/14 Roommates
04/30/14 A New World
08/10/11 Truest Love
05/12/10 Them Liberal Terms
05/05/10 The Lochlann Treasure
04/21/10 Together We Will Find Him
04/15/10 With Wit and Quill
10/28/09 A Twisted Green Trail
10/21/09 The Man with The Black Leather Case
10/08/09 Volapiť
09/15/09 It Won't Be To Florida
06/10/09 Runnin' on Empty
04/16/09 Frost Like Ashes
04/08/09 The Root Cellar
03/19/09 The White Stag
03/11/09 Onward Christian Soldier
03/04/09 When The Petal Falls
02/18/09 No More Doubts
02/11/09 The Frail Old Man
01/30/09 Sunrise Across the Atlantic
01/27/09 Diary of a Changed Heart
01/20/09 The White Orchid
04/08/08 A Sprinkle of Stardust
03/13/08 Finding My Voice
02/26/08 Freedom
02/04/08 The Web
01/24/08 New Recruits and Fiery Missiles
01/17/08 A Wink and a Promise
01/10/08 Darkness Relinquished
12/05/07 One Tiny, Forlorn Tree, One Fragile Man, and A Life Group Family
11/28/07 Creaking Knees
11/21/07 From God's Heart to My Hands
11/15/07 Unexpected Places
11/07/07 Akim's Journey in a New Land
10/31/07 Sarah's Kitchen
10/23/07 Baptized in a Bathtub
10/17/07 A Ship of Fellows
09/19/07 The Whooping Crane
08/05/07 All is Lost
08/01/07 I Got Sumpin' for Ya
07/18/07 Pink Lightening
06/12/07 My New Best Friend
05/31/07 An Unexpected Journey
05/22/07 Psalm 3961
05/16/07 Operation Jerusalem
05/09/07 Indebted to The Enemy
04/24/07 Breathless
04/19/07 Two Angry Dogs, Two Humans and a Pitch Fork
04/12/07 Lilacs in the Snow
03/14/07 Can You Hear the Wind?
02/28/07 A Mosaic of Memories
02/14/07 Clover and Dandelion Chains
02/07/07 Life Lessons from Fish Creek
01/24/07 Marvelous
01/17/07 Living in a Dark Land
01/10/07 Life Crumbles . . . And Then You've Got Cookies
12/06/06 Shepherd of the Air
11/29/06 Entertaining An Angel
11/20/06 Kendi--The Loved One
11/16/06 Jesus--The Ultimate Lifeguard (ii)
10/28/06 Bubblegum and Fractions
10/26/06 A Letter to Axum
10/18/06 Within the Holding Cell
10/12/06 Saving God's House
09/13/06 Coolers Full of Cukes
09/06/06 Despite the Painted Landscape
08/30/06 His Song Restored
08/21/06 Victory Won
08/15/06 1,682 Acres
08/08/06 The Vision of Dallan Forgaill
08/01/06 Work for Food
07/20/06 The Closet
07/13/06 To Be His Servant
06/22/06 The Library
06/14/06 Jorge's Ride
06/08/06 Willow Baskets and Poetry Books
05/31/06 A Fisherman's Tale
05/22/06 HELP WANTED: Joyful Attitude
05/15/06 Free to Bless

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
08/30/2007 Who Me? Afraid of a little water?
03/27/2007 Mosaic of Memories