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A Brewing Pot of Christian Persecution (Chapter 11)
by Carl Parnell 
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Political Correctness: The Springboard for Christian Persecution

What is Political Correctness? Political Correctness is "marked by or adhering to a
typically progressive orthodoxy on issues involving especially race, gender, sexual affinity, or ecology.” Political Correctness is “conforming to a prevailing body of liberal opinion, especially in avoiding language, behavior, etc., which might conceivably be regarded as discriminatory or pejorative to racial or cultural minorities or as reflecting implicit assumptions.” Political correctness also strives to project a more positive image of negative or undesirable qualities, such as dishonesty or failure, with the substitution of such euphemisms as ethically disoriented for dishonest and deficiency achievement for failure.” Therefore, “Political Correctness (PC) is...communal tyranny... It was a spontaneous declaration that those particular ideas, expressions and behavior, which were...legal, should be forbidden by law, and people who transgress them should be punished. It has become an unwritten and written law within the community. With those who were publicly declared as being not politically correct becoming the target of persecution by the mob, if not prosecution by the state.” (1)

There are five major characteristics of Political Correctness. First, it advocates the politicization or transformation of life. Every profession must take and pass a political test. The purpose of this test is to ensure that everyone is thinking correctly on the same ideological wave length. Secondly, Politically Correctness denounces the elements of dissent in a society. It purports that nonconformists should be quieted in some form or fashion. These actions are reminiscent of some types of totalitarian regimes. Thirdly, the Politically Correct are concerned only about themselves. The opinion of the unenlightened voters and the selfish consumers are not accepted. Fourthly, Political Correctness attempts to meet its ideological goals by using nonviolent means. However, if necessary, it would use other methods. Finally, the Politically Correct are more interested in the culture of a country than the economy. They endeavor to alter the ideas and beliefs upon which a country bases its existence. Then it would be much easier to overthrow that country internally. (2)

What determines the reasons for instituting Political Correctness in public environments? The determining factor of Political Correctness would be the verbalization of negative or derogatory comments about a person’s race, sexual orientation, ethnic group, religion, or political persuasion. (3) Therefore, because of the many different multicultural traits of Americans, the advocates of Political Correctness are demanding that the language of America should encourage groups to: “not favor one group over another; not infringe on any group’s right to sovereignty; not interfere with the peaceful relationship of any minority group with those from other groups; not hinder society (i.e., the state) in its attempts to protect cultural groups (i.e., social, economic, and ethnic minorities) whose views are declared to be equally valid and who have the “right” to equal opportunity, integrity, and point of view; and not promote stereotypes of any kind.” (4)

Basically, Political Correctness attempts to identify the reason certain people and groups are not successful in life. They use words like “culturally deprived” and “developmentally challenged” to rationalize their position in life as being based on their gender or race. As a result, these victims are convinced that their problems could be solved by social engineers. People, for various reasons, accept that life can be perfect for them on the earth. But, these minority and/or deviate groups, feminist women, African Americans, Hispanics, or homosexuals, should know that individuals are unequal socially, educationally, and economically. Also, they should not discriminate against those above them. But, it does happen. According to Political Correctness, the middle and upper classes, the bourgeoisie and capitalist, white men, and non-feminist women are viewed as the scum of society. In fact, expropriation is used to deny the best qualified people from getting in college and getting certain jobs. (3) Therefore, there are costs associated with diversity. However, many of the organizations and institutions that maintain it do not believe that it has value. But, since it is considered politically correct and moral, they participate in a diversity program. Ultimately, politically correct morality supersedes any other morality.

Unfortunately, Political Correctness has made inroads into America’s democratic entities. It has gained control of the language of Americans. It has revised the history of our nation to the point of belittling our Founding Fathers. It has created division between races and religious groups. Political Correctness has made a joke out of the Bill of Rights. It has blamed all the evils of the United States on traditional, Christian values. It has made the Western Civilization stay on guard to defend its way of life against the onslaught of the guised socialist movement in America. Free speech has almost become a historical farce. (2) Also, the “truth” that Political Correctness has preached is completely opposite of the truth seen in reality, in the human race, and the experience factor. As a result, diversity and tolerance is being forced on the American people through legislative action related to affirmative action, hate crimes, the approval of quotas for colleges, and many more repressive tactics. Therefore, the state has been designated the entity to rid society of all its cultural ills. (4)

One of the more disturbing elements of Political Correctness is the fact that a double standard has emerged. The American Civil Liberties Union and other leftist groups have harped about the Constitution’s so-called requirement for the separation of church and state. As a result, public schools and other public environments in America would not dare teach religion or permit the display of religious symbols anywhere on a school campus or other public buildings. Basically, Christianity is prohibited like it was during the early days of the Roman Empire. But, other non-Christian religions are permitted. Take, for example, the apparent special treatment given to some members of the Islamic faith. Several prominent examples are:

A Texas elementary girl was permitted to show a video concerning the Islamic faith.

Middle school students in San Luis Obispo, California dressed up as Muslim warriors pretending to defend the Islamic religion.

Seventh-grade students in California dressed up in Muslim robes during a three-week mandatory course on Islam.

Denver International Airport established a chapel for Muslims to pray.

Muslims are permitted to have prayer each Friday in a special room located in the U.S. Congress building.

United States government agencies, such as the FBI, are teaching their employees the teachings of Islam from the Qur’an.

The United States Congress has been opened with readings from the Qur’an.

Many public schools and colleges are providing Muslim students with places to pray and to hold ritual ceremonies.

Therefore, based on these examples, it is obvious that at least one religion in America is being given preferential treatment in the public sector. However, if this is not a double standard, then the Jewish Holocaust did not happen. Of course, some Politically Correct people in America and in other countries around the world would debate that it did not happen. But, it did happen. Unfortunately, Political Correctness has become an invisible, utopian society in the minds of its creators and followers. It has insisted that rules, regulations, and new ideas of what is right and wrong be the guideline for perfection in America. Since the basic documents of our nation reflect the spirit of freedom intended by our Founding Fathers, the ideology of Political Correctness has not succeeded in the totalitarian control of the American citizens yet. The clandestine backers of a new world order have failed to realize that all Americans are not willing to sacrifice all their freedoms for a so-called utopian society. (5) However, if Americans do not wake up soon and fight back, the United States could very easily become an ideological state. Sadly, at present, the fruit for an ideological takeover is ripe in America.

Today, Americans are being incarcerated for expressing their political thoughts. Of course, the judicial system does not word it that way. It seductively addresses it as “hate crimes.” Therefore, it’s extremely important that all true Americans see the “handwriting on the wall.” “Political Correctness is a perversion of morality and a contradiction of reality that requires constant state interventions for its successful implementation. We do not want America to become a country with a non-reality-based ideology enforced by state power. Political Correctness threatens free society by encouraging ‘group-think’ and by attaining conformity through intimidation and force. We must fight political correctness by striving for truth through the use of reality-based rational and logical arguments. Because Political Correctness is crippling Western society, it is imperative that we recapture language, reestablish the private ownership of the means of expression, challenge PC concepts, and stand up in defense of reality.” (4) Political Correctness has an agenda to destroy America and it could be sooner than the American citizenry thinks.

In conclusion, Political Correctness is like a person who puts puzzles together. At present, he is taking up the pieces and putting it back together again. However, each piece represents some new ideological belief that is different from America’s democratic heritage. When the puzzle is complete, America will not look the same. The picture on the puzzle will be distorted and unrecognizable. The color scheme of the picture on the puzzle will change from America’s patriotic red, white, and blue colors to a solid red, which is symbolic of socialism and communism. In the end, all the bits and pieces America’s democratic ideals and freedoms will be substituted for some form of totalitarianism and its atheistic religious doctrines. Therefore, it is extremely important that this new puzzle be dismantled now. Political Correctness must be destroyed in the same manner that it was employed to destroy America: one piece of un-Americanism at a time. Then, it would not be too late to reclaim America from the clutches of Political Correctness and its anti-Christian motives.


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