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       Donna Oswalt


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Christian blogger and author of "Kindled Soul, Holy Fire", Co-Founder of Mangrove Ministries, INC (a women's ministry), Bible Study teacher and Retreat leader

Donna Oswalt has authored poetry, prayers, and essays, many of which are published on her inspiring blog, "Breathing Room For My Soul". A Christian since a young age, she has held leadership positions in church including youth and adult Sunday School teacher, discipleship training, and women's Bible Study. In addition, she has been the speaker and retreat leader at womens' events.

Her Lenten Devotional book, "Kindled Soul, Holy Fire", contains daily meditations and prayers beginning Ash Wednesday and ending Easter Sunday. Currently, in addition to weekly blogging, she is working on some inductive Bible studies. A Mississippi native, Donna earned a BS degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Mississippi and practiced PT for nearly 25 years. At this time, she is retired from that career and writes full time. She is developing a new book about her nephew's struggle to overcome brain cancer and the evidence of God's Presence throughout.

Recently returning to North Carolina, she is exploring God's purpose for this time of her life! Donna has two grown daughters.

Kindled Soul, Holy Fire
Breathing Room For My Soul
Mangrove Ministries, Inc.
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I will be teaching a 4 week Bible Study beginning May 14 - June 4; FAITH Is... at Snyder Memorial Baptist Church Fayetteville, NC

 Donna Oswalt  
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biography · favorite links · articles · news · contact me


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