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       Bryce Baker


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As a child my upbringing was in the back woods of Ontario, Canada. It was coarse, and for my brothers and I, an opportunity to breathe in the breath of nature. When one plays in the forest it has a tendency to rub off on the soul. I was introduced to the big city as an adult, and this was a shock to my system. But the transformation was complete when my employment developed into a career in Criminal Investigation and body guarding. As children we learned to track each other and utilize the environment around us as a map. We learned all about our prey and searched for clues. Not so very different from the city and tracking the 'bad guys'. It was just another forest to play in.


Short Story
From Above

Our next book signing is in Calgary at Chapters in the Chinook Mall on Sat Oct 13, 2012 from noon to 5pm.

  • 'Shield & Sword: The Kabe Legacy' is my first book published in May of this year (2012).

  • 'Shield & Sword: Into the Light' is the only & final sequel to the first one, it will be published this winter.

  • 'Ghosts of Time' is totally different genre from my first 2 books. It is a humorous murder mystery & will also be published this winter.

 Bryce Baker  

biography · favorite links · articles · news · accomplishments · contact me


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