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       Vicki J Grech


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My name is Vicki (Jo for short), and I hold a Diploma in Metaphysics and have over 30 years of professional spiritual, metaphysical and holistic health care experience.

At the encouragement of collegues, family, friends, (especially my dear friend Carolyn),and loved ones, all the Writings I have ever written over 3 decades will now be shared via Online & Offline Workshops. Some will be offered for Sale here on the site and others will be free.

God Bless, and thanks for dropping by. In His Service (HIS)

I live in a beautiful rural area in New South Wales. My Home Writing Studio & Priate Ministry is surrounded by the beauty of the Nature Conservation Park where I live.
I have been married now for 36 years and raised 5 children in this beautiful place that provides endless inspiration.

Like many people in todays world, we struggle against all the odds of life and elements of nature.
Ministry has been my beloved joy ever since I was little. My mum was all ways displaying by her actions her Christian lifestyle. I grew up thinking - "I want to be like you mum when I get older". True to form, I have followed in her footsteps.

Through my Christian love for God I found writing a "natural". From the time I went to kindergarten I was writing verses in cards. Then I began writing poetry, the voice of the Holy Spirit being my inspiration.
As a child I remember so well being fully aware of the "pre-sense" of the Holy Spirit "so 2 speak" with me, (and others). I wrote down all these things I saw and heard from these inspired interactions. I kept them all in a Journal and now as an adult, half a century old, I have been encouraged to share them.

I have been a Member of FaithWriters for a couple of years now. I love it! The only thing I don't like is not having as much time as I would so dearly love to write more!
Well, I won't bore the reader with anymore of myself. I wasn't even really sure what to write. But, alas, I've done my best - lol!

God Bless, and thanks for dropping by.

In His Service (HIS)

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The times are changing fast and furious, for many it is difficult to keep up. But . . . do we have to really keep up? Does the Church really need to accomodate the needs of the modern world, or should God's Word come above all else?

At present, the Catholic Church is undergoing massive change, especially in the manner in which Mass is delivered to the people. The current changes to the deliverance of the Mass in the Catholic Church are the biggest in 40 years!

After reading the News Article from Detroit Press I have to say I was truly "moved" to write. I wrote a return Article saying that whilst it is good the Church tries to make people stronger in their Faith, speaking in ancient tonges to modern society is not the way to go about it! What point is there if you deliver a Message from God no one can understand!

I believe Jesus "set an example" for people to follow and His example a-lone made strong the Faith He was able to raise in people. The only reasonable thing the Church can do is follow suit. Sadly though, much of the example by many of the Clergy has paved the way for evil rather than good. Hence the people lose their Faith.

Here is an extract of the News Article from Detroit Press and a link if you wish to read further and do a follow-up.

The Article below is sourced from: Detroit Free Press

The biggest changes to Catholic mass in about 40 years will start Sunday, part of an attempt by the church to return to its roots.

But while church leaders praise the changes in wording, others say they're a regression that will make mass harder to understand and were implemented top-down without considering what Catholics on the ground think. To critics, it's a move away from the reforms of Vatican II in the 1960s that allowed mass in local languages instead of Latin. Though the mass still will be said in English and other languages, the words are a more direct translation of Latin and Hebrew words.

In the old mass, God is called the "Lord of power and might." Now, he's the "Lord of hosts," a more direct translation of an ancient term for armies.

Read the entire Article at: Detroit Free Press:(copy & paste the link into your Browser window and click enter).

  • Diploma/Degree in Metaphysics 1983
    Metaphysics has enabled me to understand the Bible, God and the life of Jesus to a much deeper level. It has helped unravel much of the "mysteries" Jesus spoke of that most people then, and even now, cannot seem to comprehend.

  • Diploma in Freelance Writing 2001

  • Currently Studying with: International College of Metaphysical Theology (US)
    Bachelors Degree(Course 3)

    At the successful completion of the Bachelors-level work and the corresponding Ministerial Ordination Course, the student will have earned the following:

    •Bachelor of Metaphysical Theology Degree (B.MT.)
    •Ministerial Ordainment Certificate
    •Metaphysical Practitioners Diploma

  • I have been able to change the lives of many people who have come to me in need of Spiritual, (metaphysical) Counselling and physical assistance. All those I have been of assistance to have remained long life friends, and of those who have passed away have been able to do so in peace. A piece of God they found within, had brought them the peace to go home with, to God, of whom keeps their souls, now and forever. AMEN

 Vicki J Grech  Work phone: 0418 676 973
 PO Box 7217  
 MT ANNAN, NSW, AUSTRALIA, 2567  Contact:

biography · favorite links · articles · news · accomplishments · contact me


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