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WW2 Historical Fiction: Where God and Humanity Unite

Tisha has been writing and researching for nearly 20 years. Early in her writing, she started what transformed into a historical WW2 trilogy. Even though she has been writing historical fiction and researching since 2000, she enjoys writing articles, short stories, technical writing, and editing. Since 2002, she has been published in several magazines and an anthology, and won writing contests. She also has 10 years proofreading and editing experience.

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Come Away with Me - Anthology

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Promise with a Letter

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Keeper of God's Word

Recognized by writing coach/editor Deirdre Lockhart for the first five pages of my WW2 novel, part of my WW2 historical fiction trilogy spanning both world wars and the Korean War.

  • Won commencement contest for fiction narrative from my alma mater May 2014. "Puddle of Remorse" was published in Fountains, the student literary publication, May 2015.

  • Published in Answers magazine, Oct.-Dec. 2013 issue. Impact section articles, "Keeper of God's Word" and "Unleashing the Lion."

  • Won third place in Faithwriters writing challenge, level 2, and fifth place in editor's choice. "Promise with a Letter" published 2006. "Come Away with Me" anthology.

  • Concurrent publication in Fountains 2017 with non-fiction essay, "Confession of 130 Hats."

   Contact: tmartin writes at gmail dot com

biography · favorite links · articles · news · accomplishments · contact me


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