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Wow, I feel like I walked and lived your childhood. What a way with words, so descriptive of a childs world. Awesome, way to use the topic. Hats off. I absolutely loved this.
Great job giving us a tour of your world. Wish I'd grown up there. :)
WOW! That is awesome! I loved it. I could see, hear, almost feel what was going on around me. Gosh, I'm gonna hire you for a tour guide and tote you with me wherever I go.
A beautiful tribute to childhood! I really liked this 'walk through time'.
Loved the last line of this! It really does take you back. I really got lost in this, which is what great writing can do. Terrific piece!
I love this entry - you've written a beautiful piece of poetic prose. Since you're in Masters, I'm going to interject my opinion. I think it might have worked better if written in a more active voice, not as if you're talking to the reader, but experiencing the memory yourself. For example, what I mean is, instead of:
Now step up on the covered front porch, where the swing creaks in the wind. See the fancy dresses swirling as the princess flees her duties? Or the solemn judges, presiding over court? Listen, do you hear the clack of the rails, as the porch turns into a train?
then, this:
"I step up on the covered front porch. The swing creaks in the wind. Fancy dresses are swirling as the princess flees her duties, the solemn judge presides over court. I hear the clack of the rails as the porch turns into a train."
This would make me see your memories more clearly and - I think - make the walk more interesting because I'm getting into your head.
Regardless, it's a wonderful entry, filled with beautiful descriptions and flowing prose. Well done!
Beautiful walk through Memory Lane. Every Writer has their own style, so if you were to change any part of your story to somebody else's style - it wouldn't be You; a writer can even be recognized by his or her style of writing; like Paul or David in their writing styles in the Bible; so keep your style "AS IS" - It is YOU! A great job, On topic, and very nicely done!
Nooooo! Where were the fireflies! You didn't stay out long enough. We needed fireflies and running around in the dark playing "My Daddy killed the booger bear" while adults conversed inside. . . oh, wait, you only had 750 words. And what a marvelous 750 words they were. I'm going outside tongight with my kids to play "My Daddy Killed the Booger Bear!" Thank-you so much for this beutiful reminder of how things can still be!!!
Nothing is more touching than the imagination of a child's heart.. I could just see the fun of said child, floating a boat on a creek and believing it was an ocean cruse..

Well done Kiddo..
These happy childhood memories were priceless, well written, and nicely tied into the topic. My favorite was the sprinkler mist and the rainbow. Beautifully done!
You have painted a masterpiece with words here. This BEGS to be illustrated by a master. I SO want to be in Fern Springs!
I was going to pick out a few favorite passages but there were too many to choose from.

You kept the voice true and strong throughout - as well as the concept with delightful words of penmanship magic.

It truly reads like a magical place of discovery. *sigh* How beautiful.
It's absolutely beautiful! It makes me want to call my mom. :-)

Beautiful and precious memories. Fabulous writing!!!
Delightful -as I told you before :)
I like the way you write with such descriptions. this is quite good! Thanks for sharing.