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I find this poem soothing yet also uplifting. It's a great reminder to me of who God really is.
A well written scene. I find myself wanting to know more about the main character.
Oops - that was my comment for the previous article! This is the one meant for this one! Reminiscent of some of the glorious hymns we used to sing, particularly the last verse.
You always amaze me, your writing is majestic and beautiful.
My favorite lines

He’s Great enough to grasp the farthest star
and hang it softly near a baby’s bed.
He’s Great enough to wear a swaddling cloth
and then to lie where wise men’s hearts are led.

Beautiful, uplifting. Brenda

I think you may be even better at rhymed poetry than at free verse (and you know that I think you're the Queen of free verse)--or maybe it's just that this one particularly spoke to my heart, especially the first 2 stanzas. This is awesome.
I love how this progresses into praise! It's like you couldn't contain yourself anymore and just HAD to pen words of praise and worship! :)

Exquisite dear Linda! Exquisite!
First two stanzas were my favorite too. So great, yet came as a babe. Awesome
Beautiful and exquisite....

'how greatness can stoop low and choose a home
inside the blemished hearts of sinful man...'

Thank you......
I thought this was beautiful. A very simple, yet profound message of God's goodness - no, His greatness! Gives me an urge to open up my Bible to the Psalms. I loved it!
I'd love to see somebody put this to music - it could be one of those classic hymns that lives on and on.
This is beautifully composed, displaying the greatness of God with creativity and praise. "Great" work! :)