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Way to paint a picture! I like how this poem built up to the greatness in the mustard seed. Great job!
This was a delight to read! I especially like the repetition in the last two lines of each verse, and I loved the ending, with the mountain moving!
Oh my.... I would love to hear this recited with "great" expression.... especially the last two lines. Bravo!
Wow! Awesome! A beautiful rendition of and old story. My favorite lines......Cracked hands pleading, stretching skyward,
Jazzy voiced a whispered moan.
“It’s the children that I cry for
Suffering and all alone.
Help the children, all alone.”
Everyone has something to give and the potential to move mountains. Touched me to the core and I agree with the above comment. I would love to hear this recited. Great job!!!!
Masterful for sure! The style, the rhythm, the message...all brilliant. Pure perfection. A definite contender this week.
Great message!
This is beautiful.
I liked the poem but I did not find the last line in each of the verses was really needed. I loved the last verse in particular – the mustard seed and mountains moving!
Very strong entry... Great in its own right.
I liked the repetition, I felt it moved the poem along nicely.
Anointing + talent + vision = aweSUM! Great Job!
I love it--the repitition is particularly effective, and a nice, polished touch.
Wow, I loved this, especially the part when I figured out who the lady was. The word "traffic" threw me off because it seems a modern word to me, but otherwise great poem. I, too, liked the repetition.
I love this you are not only an amazing writer of stories but poems too. Good Job. :)
I've already given Kenn my vote for next Poet Laureate of the USA, but you will certainly follow him when his term expires! I just relish the words you use and how you put them together. My barely begun poem on the widow's mite will never hold a candle to this.
I not competent to comment on the technicalities of your poem, but I can say that I found it a thought-provoking look at the woman behind the "Beggar's Mite". It is so easy to take the characters that we meet in Scripture at face value, and never use our God given imaginations to flesh out what life must have been like for them.

I liked the fact that you portrayed faith as being hard for her, as well as life - until the end. Faith so often is hard when things go wrong for us. Thank you for this entry!
Very well crafted. Great use of repetition. Excellent.