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I love your effective use of repetition here: the "I have a friend" for your earthly friend, and the same phrase for Jesus. I also like that you have learned from your friend's reactions to struggle. Very well done.
I agree---very well done.
I noticed the parallels from one friend to the next. Since organization is my forte, I relish this sort of attention to detail! One's "conflict has meaning," the next's "lessons have meaning," and the last's "sacrifice has meaning." Good stuff! Thanks.
Chanting *I guessed it, I guessed it* And loved it. I just wanted to wait to comment until the truth was revealed. Wonderful, masterful job! hmmmm. . . as usual!:)
Absolutely lovely
Enjoyed the style of this poem and the meat of it even more. Great job! :)

I love it. You already know what I've said about this one, but just wanted to let you know that I truly think this is incredible. You have so much talent.
You brought tears to my eyes, the revelation of a true friend, in her and in Him. May your golden gift continue to reflect His light.
Ah, Purity. I should have guessed this was yours. You've really come a long way. This is an excellent and touching piece. (and I know what you mean about our dear Jessica!) Good job ... now knock it off! I have enough trouble dealing with the already established Masters folks! lol! ;-)
This is very nice. I cannot add anything to what's been said. You do belong in masters, excellent job.
Purity, this is truly a Master-piece. What else can be said? Whether it's in Masters or Advanced you will always be you, Beautiful.
Simply beautiful. I hope someday I'll be able to master the written word as well as you have been able to; you are truly talented!
What can I say? It's all been said beautifully. So I'll just stick with 'Well done!'
Wonderful! I love every line. Excellent work.