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Very sweet. I must commend you for your dialogue skills. Do you write plays? I was quite impressed.
Would be a good story for a youth devotional. Good job!
Great lesson for children. You did a good job putting this idea over.
Well put together. I liked the message and the finished feel. We moved betwee the husband's and wife's head... a POV break. The story still worked though. Minor issue. Good job, though! Congrats on a great effort!
You did a good job here. You taught this important lesson very clearly. Well written.
My favorite part is the scetion when AJ is talking about his day. You really nailed what's important to a kid!

Small note: "after all" is two words.

Great job on the dialog, and a sweet story.
Good stuff. We usually do not start narratives with dialogue unless for dramatic effect. I suppose this works on this essay.
Like this very much, the dialogue realistic, and the message strong.
I liked the fact that dialogue told almost the whole story....except for a couple of little explanations. This brought me right into the scene!

Nice job!