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Great stuff! I love the use of the last name to bring this home. Funny, Warm and original. Great piece!
Fast moving tale with good ending. You used just the right measure of words and style to tell a good story. Nice writing!
Go Canucks! Very creative and the play on the last name was a stroke of genius. Good job.
Very creative. Very well told. Is it true? It's very convincing.
Ha ha ha ha! Ooh, this one is rich (pun intended). Excellent tongue-in-cheek humor, plays on words, fast-paced, believable dialogue, with a great wrap up! Very publishable and WIN-some. Thanks--you made my day!
Great writing! It got my blood boiling about that sneaky varmit Gary! I was hoping for some retribution that came flaming down on his head! :) Like maybe he didn't know NOT to mix it with something and it blew up in his face! (tehe)

Okay, it was perfect the way it is and I had fun reading it. Second entry and your maintaining your dignity very well! ;)

Very "corny" story, but right up my alley! I liked it! Well-written, kept my attention. Good job, Jessica!
This is extremely clever! Wordplay always gets my vote. Love it, love it!
Oh, I wish Gary would have got his - like maybe someone could have "accidentally" poured that miracle grow on his bald spot! But...sigh...that would have defeated the Christian message of this story, wouldn't it?
Creative, clever writing. Well done!
Blessings, Lynda
Good job. I knew where it was headed with Otterside and green grass but still it pulled me into the story. Very nice.
Very unique approach to the topic! Enjoyed the humor!
What a delightful read - filled with wonderful humour (and Canadian content - hurray!). I would suggest taking out the ++++++'s and just let the story flow on its own. You're a creative story-teller. Keep it up!
Jessica, this was great. I agree that the story could just about flow on its own. You are a very gifted writer. Great job.
I loved how you worked this one - bursting with creativity in more ways than one! I, too, would prefer it without the +++++. It would be more appealing for the aspect of flow to eliminate them altogether. However, your talent for storytelling and creativity surpasses that little nitpick. Good job! :)
Great story! Wonderful fun! But I hate to agree with the others.. I think there were too many breaks for a 750 word story. There must have been a better way to pull that off. Too bad to have that little structural thing detract from the humor. I still think it was a great read.
WOW! Love it!! Great job!
You tickled all our funny bones w/ this one! And....the villain was very real and the resolution classic. :-)

I also think I would prefer to not have the breaks.

Good job!

Very creative. I like the ending.