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I like the play of words. Great opening, I was hooked.
Wow, what a story. Is it true! Incredible story about the path to hope and true satisfaction through Jesus Christ.
wow. You've been through it all. Great message!
The writing here is fine and you reach a solid emotional chord. I read it twice and think there is a bit of a disconnect from the beginning and the end ... between "giving up hope" and "the only true hope is on God". But maybe I just read past something. Certainly the story is presented skillfully, as I would expect at this level. So, well done!
Keep telling your story, your courage is inspiring.
You captured the dilemma of so many who experienced what you did. There was a couple of times you switch from the first person and back rather abruptly, which could be confusing. But this was a great piece.
I'm quite sure I know who this is! Wonderful, honest, to the point work. This was my favorite line:

"And sadly they are learning, government is an impotent god."

Too true!
A front-row perspective of tragedy and responses to it. Tough and gritty - well presented.